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Congratulations to the inaugural class that was inducted to the EHS Athletic Hall of Fame, this past Saturday Night, they included:

1964 Men’s Basketball team: Coach Don McCluskey, Manager Charles Tidball, and players Jack Tanner, Ron Smith, Charles Buchholz, Lyle Warden, Walt Richmond, Dave Dragt, Duane Faulhaber, Al Carver, Lee Garber, Dave Mooers, Edward Bailey, Leonard Buchholz, Jim Thatcher and Dick Shearer.

1993 Softball Team: Coach Dell Hackett, Asst. Coaches Tony Rodriguez, Pam Cook, Kathy Burke, Team Manager Sheryl Hackett, and players Molly Burke, Jennie Cook, Alyssa Cherbas, Kristin Doyle, Misty Hackett, Felicia Ledford, Melanie McCart, Angela Randall, Leslie Rodriquez, Suzanne Rollins and Jennifer Valenzuela.

2004 Softball Team: Coach Pam Cook, Asst. Coaches Jennie Herbert, Pam Townsend and Sarah Schilling and players Alicia Cook, Allison Castle, Andrea Sconce, Angela Yost, Danielle Adams, Hannah Parker, Heather Cordell, Katrina Wilkinson, Lori Baker, Nicole Shaw and Whitney Dragt.

Coaches, Community Members/Others and Individual Athletes that were inducted included: Garrett Alford (91-95), Leiisa Bruce (76-79), Pam Cook, Caleb Dysert (1999-2003), Ryan Fox (1989-1993), Josh Gannon (2002-2006), Jennie Cook (1991-1995), Dennis Kluss (1982-1986), Ron Lorenzen, Lauren Zaludek (2002-2006), Darrell Mehl, Sue Sullivan, Don Schmidt, Kyle Smith (2008-2012), Tracy Stoppel (1979-1982), Gary and June Horkey, Tom Page and Dwight and Ginger Wartenbee.

Reminder that there WILL be school held this Friday, January 27th, and there WILL NOT be school next Friday, February 3rd.  This is a result of the District pushing back the end of the 1st semester one week due to our 7 missed snow/ice days.  Please help spread the word.

The loss of seven school days over the last month has necessitated some changes in our calendar. The first issue that needed to be addressed was pushing back the end of the first semester.  At the School Board meeting last night it was recommended, and subsequently approved, to change January 27th from a non-school day to a school day, and to change February 3rd from a school day to a non-school day.  This effectively moves the end of our semester to Thursday, February 2nd.  Please note this change on your calendars.

The second issue the board addressed was the potential of adding back days. While many options were discussed, including attending school on holidays, eliminating early release Wednesdays, attending during Spring Break, extending the school year, etc….two options were recommended for consideration.  The first option simply has the school year being extended by 5 days, with the last school day occurring on Thursday, June 22nd.  The second option has the end of the school year being extended by 3 days (ending on June 20th), with the other two days being identified and made up between now and the end of the school year (attending on Presidents Day, the Friday before Memorial weekend, another non-school day, etc)…..The board plans on making a decision at their next meeting on February 6th.   Both options considered have us adding back 5 of the 7 days we have missed, and assume no more snow days.  If we have more snow days, other adjustments will need to be made.

State testing at EHS will take place beginning in January of 2017.  For more information about state testing, including the “opt-out” process, please visit the “State Testing Information” link on the right hand side of the page under the “Resources” tab.

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