The Falconer, an award-winning student produced monthly newsmagazine, publishes news, features, sports, arts and entertainment, and opinion stories. Advertising is offered to local businesses at affordable rates. Senior Andrea Griffin is the editor, and Stu Burgess is the adviser.


June 2018 Issue:

Senior 2018 Issue:

April 2018 issue: 

March 2018 issue:

February 2018 issue:

December 2017 issue:

November 2017 issue:

October 2017 issue:

Senior 2016 issue:

May 2016 issue:

March 2016 issue:

February 2016 issue:

December 2015 issue

November 2015 issue

October 2015 issue

Senior issue part one

Senior issue part two

Senior issue part three

Senior Issue part four

April 2014 Section One

April 2014 Section 2

March 2014 Section One

March 2014 Section Two

March 2014 Section Three

February 2014 Section One

February 2014 Section Two

December 2013 Section One

December 2013 Section Two

October Part One

October Part Two



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