Elmira High School



August 20th:  8AM-11:00 Seniors and 1:00-4:00 Sophomores
August 21st:  1PM-4:00 Juniors and 5:00-8:00 Freshman

If you cannot make your scheduled registration time, you can stop by the school anytime between 8-3:30 after the 21st.

fall.sportsA reminder that if you are planning on participating in a FALL sport (soccer, x-country, volleyball or football), athletic registration is scheduled for Thursday, August 7th from 5-8 PM at EHS.  The fee for a sport at EHS is $125.00.  Now is a good time to schedule a physical if your student/athlete has not had one in the last 2 years (they are required before the first day of practice on August 18th).  You can find the OSAA required physical form on our website at the following link if your doctor does not have it already.  http://www.fernridge.k12.or.us/elmirahs/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/10/OSAA-Physical-Form.pdf

report.card.Report cards were dropped off at the post office Tuesday evening, so families should be getting them soon.  This report card looks different than in the past.  Early in the year the school began work on implementing the requirements of HB 2220.  This bill set new report card requirements of which one was sending home an annual report that included information around a students proficiency in specific standards within a subject.  That information is included in this report card.  However, as often happens, the 2014 Legislature passed a new bill, HB 4150.  This bill kept some elements of the earlier bill, but eliminated this annual report requirement.  The bottom line is this report card looks different as we complied with the earlier HB 2220 requirements, however in 14-15, this may change again as a result of the new law.

On the report card you will receive, the most important elements to note are the “O” (overall grade).  This grade is the transcripted grade and the grade that determines GPA.  The “A” or academic grade, provides information around how that student achieved when just looking at tests and quizzes.  This academic grade/information has been on progress reports and report cards all year.  The new piece on this “annual report” report card are the proficiencies in specific subjects.  For example, in Geometry the standards might be Functions, Modeling, Statistics, Algebra, etc…. a students will receive a M-meets or a NM-not meets under these specific areas assessed throughout the Geometry course.  I realize this new report may be confusing, if you have questions do not hesitate to contact the school in August.  However, the grades under the “O” (overall column) is what should be the focus.  The rest of it is simply additional information.

final.examsFinal exams at EHS are scheduled for Wednesday, June 18th and Thursday the 19th.  Periods 1-4 will be on Wednesday, and periods 5-7 will be on Thursday.  Thursday is the last day of school for the 13-14 school year.  Have a safe and fun summer.

graduationEHS Graduation, this Friday night. The ceremony will start at 7:00 sharp and doors will open at 6:20.

8th grade8th grade fly-up, tonight @ 6:30 in the EHS theater.  This informational meeting for incoming 9th graders will last no longer than an hour, and it is a great opportunity for families to start to prepare for High School.

informationTonight:  Honor Society Banquet, 7:00 PM

Tomorrow:  Election Day-Please vote!

Wednesday Night:  Key Club/Kiwanis Banquet 6:00 PM

This Thursday, the 22nd, our Varsity Girls softball team will be hosting Astoria High School in a state “play-in” game against Astoria H.S.  Game time is 4:00 PM.

Friday and Saturday the 23rd and 24th, our track athletes will be competing in the State Meet at Hayward Field.  Good Luck!

This weekend is also Outdoor School for over 30 H.S. students who serve as “camp counselors” for the 5th graders in FRSD.

Next week brings the annual Awards Night on Wednesday the 28th and “Fly-Up” night for our incoming 9th graders on Thursday the 29th.

It is a busy time of year for the school and our students! 🙂

AP EXAMS: Congrats to all of our students who have been challenging themselves over the course of the last few weeks by taking AP exams!

DISTRICT TRACK MEET: Tomorrow (15th)-Field events start at 11:00, and running at 1:25. On Saturday (17th)- Field events start at 11:00, and running events at 1:00.

Cost is $5 for adults, $4 students, $3 for seniors. Students are free on Thursday.

teacher.appreciation-weekThe week of May 5th-9th is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Thank you to all of the teachers here at EHS who do a great job everyday and often times go above and beyond to provide extended opportunities for our students.  You are much appreciated.  Parents, if you have a particular teacher you would like to thank, shoot them an email or note sometime and let them know.  Recognizing their efforts means a lot.

Asst. Principals