Fern Ridge Middle School

Olivia Johnson


Beginning Monday, May 21st FRMS will have a drop-off lane!!! To help keep our parking lot from getting too chaotic and too crazy in the mornings, we will be putting in a drop off lane. The drop-off lane will lead from Territorial to the drop-off point (click below for a map). We are asking parents to follow the drop-off lane and to not let students out of the car until you get to the drop-off point. It’s important that parents pull all the way forward before stopping the car and letting students out. By pulling forward and only letting students out at the drop-off point, we are helping to ensure that we don’t back traffic up and block Territorial.

Once they are let out, students should use the marked crosswalk to cross the bus lane to get to the sidewalk and then into the building.

Thank you to the district administration and the school board for their support. Thank you as well to the parents who participated in the planning of our drop-off lane and gave feedback.

The drop-off lane is intended to be used only for dropping students off at school in the mornings. It is not for dismissal or picking students up after school. We will continue to work towards a solution of the dismissal problem. Thank you.

Click here for a picture of the FRMS parking lot that shows where the new drop-off lane will be.

Fern Ridge Middle School will hold their last all student* dance of the school year on Friday, May 18th. Doors open at 6:30 and the dance ends at 8:00. Cost to get in is $4. This dance is open to all students, however students who do not attend school on May 18th cannot come to the dance. The dance is also only open for Fern Ridge Middle School Students. Parents who would like to chaperone the dance should contact Mr. Chambers.

Leadership students will be selling concessions at the dance. As a special recognition of their perfect punctuality, every FRMS who has no tardies as of 5/17/18 will get a coupon for a free treat at the dance.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the school office. at 541-935-8230.


*** There will be a dance after promotion on June 11th but only for FRMS 8th grade students.

May 7th through May 11th is Teacher Appreciation Week. Please join us in thanking and celebrating the amazing teachers we have here at FRMS. Our teachers are dedicated, talented, hard-working, committed, caring, and just plain wonderful. Each of them puts in countless hours, time, and energy into a job that can be incredibly difficult one day and incredibly rewarding the next. We are thankful beyond words for each and every one of them. This week thank you to Serra Lafferty, Alan Merrill, Martha Pryor, Ryan Brummett, Jesse Light, Brad Davis, Marian French, Kyle Humphrey, Whitney Davis, Kevin Rodemack, Cameron Siegal, Susan Petty, James Stoe, Justin Peeler, Collette McBride, Tyll Parker, Deb Levinson, and Simone D’Aubigne.

Take a few minutes this week to thank a teacher for all that they have done and all that they will continue to do to help our children learn and grow.

We have approximately 40 copies of the 2017-18 for sale on a first come, first served basis. Yearbooks are $15 each. Have your child bring $15 cash or a $15 check made out to FRMS to the office to get their copy. Yearbooks will be distributed the last week of school.

Once we have sold our remaining copies we will not be able to order any more.


Just a couple of reminders/announcements for 8th Graders and their families:

EHS Cheerleading: Any student interested in trying out to for the Elmira High School Cheer Team needs to plan on attending practices 4:00 to 5:30 on May 22nd, May 24, and May 29th at EHS. The try outs themselves will be Thursday, May 31st at 4:30. Students should bring athletic clothing that is comfortable, comfortable shoes, water bottle, and  a positive and enthusiastic attitude. No jewelry or false nails. For more information contact coaches Becky Dube’ and Michelle Cook.

Strong Start: There is still room in the Strong Start program this summer.  Is your 8th grader organized? Are they good at prioritizing and decision making? Do they know how to set goals and work towards them?  If the answer to any of these is no or if they just need a head start on their high school experience, enroll them in the Strong Start program. This fun and lively program goes from  July 30th to August 2nd from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day. Students who have done the program in the past agree that it was both fun and a fundamental reason behind their own high school success. There is no cost for this program. If you are interested in signing your eighth grade student up or would like more information, contact Stu Burgess at Elmira High School- sburgess@fernridge.k12.or.us

Promotion Pictures: For our promotion celebration, we would like a picture that tells us about your 8th grader. Whether its playing sports, or holding the family pet, or sitting under their favorite tree, or reading their favorite book or about to hit the trail on their dirt bike or planting their garden ….. we want the picture that shows us who your 8th grader really is when they aren’t sitting in a classroom. Please no pictures where your child is seen from a long distance. Email your picture to mfrench@fernridge.k12.or.us. If you have a picture you want to send but don’t have access to a scanner, bring it to the office and Casey or Stacy will be happy to scan it and send it to Mrs. French for you. If you’re stuck for a picture, contact Mrs. French for help. Mrs. French’s email is mfrench@fernridge.k12.or.us Don’t forget to save the time/date for promotion- Monday, June 11th at 6:00. There will be a dance for FRMS 8th graders only following promotion. If you would like to help with promotion, contact the school office for more information.

      Soccer– 8th grade students interested in playing soccer at the high school next year needs to see Mr. Chambers about upcoming open fields and a June 6 v 6 tournament.


6th grade students will be exploring the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest for their field trips this spring. Each sixth grade science class will go on a separate day according to the following schedule:

April 27th: Whitney Davis’s 3rd period class

May 4th: James Stoe’s 7th period class

May 10th: Whitney Davis’s 5th period class

May 11th: James Stoe’s 5th period class

HJ Andrews is located near Blue River and is about a 90 minute drive from FRMS. Students will have a hands-on, experiential learning experience including the opportunity to climb trees under the guidance of the Pacific Tree Climbing Institute. In order to allow students a full day in the forest, they will be returning to school at 5 PM. Parents will need to pick them up from school at 5 PM. If someone else is going to pick up your child or you need to change your child’s regular after school plans on that day, please let the office and the classroom teacher know.

Two very important documents will be coming home soon. The first is a permission slip for the field trip itself. The second is a waiver form that families need to complete if they want their child to be allowed to participate in the tree climbing part of the field trip. Parents with an approved criminal history background check on file who would like to volunteer to chaperone should contact their child’s science teacher directly.

HJ Andrews Field Trip Permission Slip

Pacific Tree Climbing Institute Waiver

Elmira High School Interact Club is selling vegetable starts as their spring fundraiser. Each plant is 4 or more weeks old and comes in a 2.5 quart bucket. They have tomatoes, kale, and peppers. They are being grown in the new greenhouse at Elmira Elementary School. Items can be ordered online and picked up on Saturday, April 21st. See the flyer below for more information.


Interact Garden Starts Fundraiser

Beginning Monday, April 16th all FRMS students will take the  English/Language Arts assessment. The test is in two parts. They will take the first part in their social studies classes beginning on Monday. It should take 2-3 class periods to finish the first part. The second part will take place in their language arts class beginning Monday, April 23rd. The second part should also take 2-3 periods. Students should bring a book to read for when they finish their test. Students are not allowed access to their cell phones during the test. Testing in math will take place in May. Continue reading

Attention 8th Grade Parents: Want to help your 8th grader get off to a great start in high school? Enroll them in the Strong Start program at Elmira High School this summer. Strong Start is an active, week-long experience for incoming EHS freshmen that focusses on building community connections, self-awareness, and leadership through Decision Skills training. The program prepares students for the challenges of high school, teaches students to make better decisions, increases confidence and reduces stress, and puts your 8th grader on the path for high school success. Out of  414 students who participated in the Strong Start program across Oregon last year, 83% reported that they were better prepared for high school and would recommend the Strong Start program. 96% said they had a lot of fun and met new friends. Strong Start focuses on teaching students how to decide, not what to decide. The focus is on developing the competencies it takes to be a skilled decision maker by integrating academic, creative, and emotional intelligence to get things done.

Strong Start runs July 30th thru August 2nd from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day. There is no cost for this program. If you are interested in signing your eighth grade student up or would like more information, contact Stu Burgess at Elmira High School- sburgess@fernridge.k12.or.us

The tween and teen years can be difficult for both students and their families. As children undergo the transitions that accompany adolescence- physical, emotional, social, etc- the pressures and problems they encounter can overwhelm them. For many teenagers, the pressures of adolescence can lead to a variety of mental health concerns. Lane County has many resources available to help support teenagers struggling with mental health concerns and the families who want to support them. The list below includes agencies who can help in a crisis, provide counseling, and offer support to families in need.

Lane County  Mental Health Resource List