Fern Ridge Middle School

Olivia Johnson


Fern Ridge Middle School will have our Field Day on Tuesday, June 18th. Students will be split into teams based on their 4th period teacher. Below is a list of teachers and colors for that team. We encourage students to wear their team colors:

Field Day 6-18-19
wear the color of your 4th pd teacher
1. Siegal  – orange
2. Stoe/Pryor’s – gray
3. Light/Brummett – purple
4. Pizzola – red
5. Rodemack – white
6. Coffman – blue
7. W.Davis – tie dye
8. Lafferty/Gardner – green


Field Day will start after lunch at 11:50.  It will be around 80 degrees and most of Field Day will take place outside, so sunscreen and water are recommended.


Students who made the gold star list received their invitations/permission slip for the pool party today. Permission slips must be signed and returned to the office no later than 9:00 AM on Friday. Permission must be granted in writing- we will not accept verbal permission due to liability issues.

Parents should also be aware that students can still be taken off the list for behavioral issues that arise between now and when the bus departs on Friday.  It is expected to be around 80 degrees on Friday, so please make sure students bring sunscreen and towels. We will be eating lunch at the school before leaving for the pool.

Parents who want to help chaperone need to be on the approved list and contact Ms. Johnson. Students will be returning to school after the pool trip for seventh period. If you are picking your child up from the pool, please send a note or call the office before 9:00 AM on Friday. No child will be allowed to walk home or go home with someone other than their parent without a note/phone call to the FRMS office.

Congratulations to all of our 6th and 7th grade Gold Star Students for their hard work and great effort this quarter.



Attention 8th Grade Families:

Elmira High School is hosting a one-week jump start to high school. This game-oriented, team-building experience is a fun way to ease the transition to a new school by building relationships with older student leaders and staff and getting to know the layout of the campus. The Strong Start Academy focuses on strengthening decision making skills.

If you are interested in having your child participate, please complete the information form below leave it with Mr. Chambers at FRMS or Mrs. Hunt at EHS.

Or email Mrs. Hunt at the address below.


Who: All incoming Freshmen

Where: Elmira High School

When: August 5th thru August 8th, 9am-3pm

Fee: Free! (Paid for by Fern Ridge SD & Decision Education Foundation)

Contact: Krin Hunt—Freshman Geometry Teacher

School phone: 541-935-8200


Click here for more information and an application for the EHS Strong Start Academy

Sailboats on Fern Ridge Lake

Event Overview

Triton Yacht Club (TYC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1975.  We are dedicated to promote the joy of sailing in our community and with the next generation. That’s why every year we sponsor our Youth Sailing Day on Fern Ridge reservoir to demonstrate the exciting and challenging world of sailing. This is a great way to enjoy Fern Ridge Reservoir and meet our members. In addition to sailing, participants will experience water safety demonstrations, and other fun & educational activities. A picnic lunch will be provided. We can accommodate up to 20 middle school-aged kids, and parents are encouraged to join!

Candidates, please fill out the form on the back with your parents and return to the Fern Ridge Middle School Office by 3pm on June 14th.  Advance registration is required, so be sure to return your form as soon as possible. We will contact you about the event details soon!

When: Saturday, June 29, 2019 from 12 PM to 4 PM

Click here for TYC Youth Sailing Day Flyer and Application

Flyers and applications can also be picked up in the FRMS office.

FRMS Talent Show will be Monday, June 10th. It will start at 2:00 PM. Thank you to our leadership students, Ms. Davis, and Ms. Pryor for their work on this event.

Tie Dye washing instructions
Keep in bag for 24 hours. In a sink or bathtub, rinse thoroughly with cold water. Untie or remove rubber bands and rinse again until water runs clear.Wash separately in washing machine on warm setting. Use little to no detergent (make sure detergent does not contain bleach.) After initial washing it will be color safe.Never bleach on your tie dye shirt.

Fern Ridge Middle School would like to invite families and friends to our 8th Grade Promotion on Tuesday, June 11th at 6:00 PM in the FRMS gym. 8th Grade students should plan on being at FRMS no later than 5:45 and meet in the choir room.

Following the promotion ceremony, there will be a promotion celebration for 8th grade students only. The celebration includes a dance, pizza, soda, a game room, and a selfie booth. The celebration will end at 8:30 PM.

Parking may be difficult during promotion. We encourage families to come together when possible. Families can also park at the district office across the street or at Elmira Elementary which is a short walk from FRMS. Please do not park on the field as it may damage the sprinkler system and the grass.

We are very proud of our 8th grade students and wish them well as they transition to high school. We know that they have very bright futures ahead of them.

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Lane Arts Council is once again hosting their All About Art Summer Camp at Veneta Elementary School in July. This program is for all students from first grade through 8th grade. This hands-on summer camp offers safe, fun experiences in the arts for youth entering into the 1st through 8th grades. Camp will be held in three sessions, Mon-Thurs of the following three weeks: July 8-11, July 15-18, and July 22-25.

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7th grade science will be tie dying on Thursday June 6th.
PLEASE bring in the following items:
1. 1 item to dye- white OR any color! [reverse chromatography]
2. a plastic bag [grocery, trash, ziploc, etc]

*make sure to wear something you don’t mind getting dirty

For more information contact Whitney Davis at wdavis@fernridge.k12.or.us