Just a few odds and ends as we move into a new semester starting Monday, January 28th.

  1. Schedules- Students will get their new schedules Monday morning. They will be finalized today and available on home access over the weekend for those who want a sneak preview.
  2. Beginning Monday we will be in the third quarter. This means that if you are looking at classwork and grades in Home Access for the new qdrawing of a blue bird singinguarter, please make sure that the box that says RC on the Home Access page is set to 3. If you are looking back at second quarter, the RC box should be set at 2.
  3. Schedule Changes- Students will have the first two weeks of the new semester to request schedule changes. We will accommodate schedule changes based on available space in the requested classrooms. Students should also be aware that requesting one class change usually requires multiple class changes to make that one change happen. Requests made after February 8th will not be honored. Schedule request forms will be in the office for students to pick up.
  4. Report cards will be sent home next week.
  5. Lost and found will be bagged up at the end of the day on January 25th. Families are welcome to stop by on the 25th and check the lost and found for items that belong to their students.

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