2019-20 Course Forecasting and Selection

Elmira High School is beginning the important process of forecasting courses for next year.  This process allows us to determine what classes we will offer next year and how much teacher time to distribute to each department.  While we often find that our schedule is similar from year to year there are always changes to meet the needs of our students.

We also strive to add courses from time to time based on changing trends in education and to match the interests of our students.  Technology has greatly changed how students learn and we have tried to be responsive to those changes.  We also recognize that the transition from middle school can be a challenge and that we need to do more to help prepare our incoming freshman to the changes they will experience as high school students.

To that end, we are adding a new course that is required for all freshman call Future Success.  This course will help support them as they transition to high school.  They will learn social-emotional and study skills that will help them be successful in high school.  There will be lots of opportunity to discuss how they are transitioning to high school and we will help them make positive connections with their peers and teachers.  Several studies have shown that 9th grade students who are track to graduate after their freshmen year have about a 95% chance of graduating from high school on time after four years.  This course is one of many efforts that we are making to help our students to successfully transition to high school and it is a course that many other schools have offered and have had proven success with helping with their 9th grade transition.

We are excited to partner with parents throughout the forecasting process, please feel free to contact the school directly with questions.  Our registrar, counselor, and principal are all available to answer any questions that you might have during the course selection process.

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