illustration of an owl on the phoneFRMS uses Remind for our text messaging services. Recently, Remind put a limit on their free service of 150 people for each class/group.  So instead of having one class/group for FRMS, we will break it into one  for each grade level. We are asking families of 6th graders to sign up for the 6th grade class/group and so on. If you have more than one student at FRMS, you only need to sign up for one class/group

The old “FRMS” group can no longer be used. Parents who want to receive text messages from FRMS, will need to sign up for one of the new groups.

Please click on the link below for information on how to sign up for that Remind group/class.

Thank you.

Click here for the 6th grade class/group.

Click here for the 7th grade class/group.

Click here for the 8th grade class/group.


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