Welcome to FRSD TAG Program for the 17-18 school year!

This year our focus will be social-emotional issues common in gifted people. At all schools, TAG students often report academics as challenging and appropriate. (We do have great teachers!) If there is ever any need to help challenge and support academics of gifted students in the classroom, I am here to help. I can help teachers, students, or parents problem solve and improve academic life for TAG students.

Last spring, I was lucky enough to see a presentation by the ODE TAG coordinator, Angela Allen. She spoke about the lack of social-emotional support for gifted students. These students are often complicated and may need some extra support thinking and reflecting about themselves to become their best self.

This year, I will be meeting with small groups at all schools to lead discussions and activities centered around social-emotional issues common with TAG kiddos. Topics will include: goal setting, perfectionism, introversion/extroversion, perseverance, respecting diverse learners around you, managing intense emotions and more. Every month, the theme for all groups will be the same and I will post here about the topic for families to read and be aware of our topic. Discussions will happen in small groups at different times, in different buildings, and will be age-appropriate, all through-out the month. Please check back for monthly topics!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Angie Pebworth


cell: 541-485-3764

School: 541-935-8225 ext 5119

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