A Rain Forest Mind – October’s Topic

 Intense Thoughts; Complicated, tangled and busy observations; Emotions, emotions, and more emotions; Complex; Intense

A rain forest has been compared to a TAG mind by Paula Prober, a local therapist who works and specializes in gifted youth and adults. This month, as I pulled together students at the various schools, we talked about our rain forest minds. We talked about what it was like to see the world through numbers and to always be organizing things into categories. We chatted about what it was like to be in love with words and language and always have our nose in a book. We also bridged this analogy into our emotions. We talked about having intense emotions and complicated view points. We talked about how our minds and hearts are like the rain forest- not better or worse than other habitats, but different- more complex and more intense. I introduced the idea of working together this year on social-emotional topics.

To read or follow Paula Prober’s blog, check out https://rainforestmind.wordpress.com/

To read about a rain forest mind, go to https://rainforestmind.wordpress.com/home/

And – I recommend this book if this analogy rings true for you and you would like to read more: Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth by Paula Prober


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