TAG Parent Discussion & Student Engineering Nights

  • Who: Parents of Identified TAG students and High End Learners in the Fern Ridge School District and Students who are identified as TAG or invited by a teacher in the Fern Ridge School District
  • What: Parents: Discussion Nights with Angie Pebworth and Students: Engineering Nights with Paris Hood
  • When: 6:00 – 7:30 pm  October 26th, November 16th, December 7th
  • Where: Veneta Elementary School –  Parents: Library & Students: Room 19
  • Parent Discussion Topics:
    • October: Gifted Characteristics and Profile
    • November: Navigating the School System
    • December: Perfectionism, Twice exceptional, Underachievement, and other quirks
  • Student Science Topics
    • October: Rising Upwards: building structures
    • November: Going Fast: making it move forward
    • December: To the Sky: airplanes and flying machines
  • Bonus! Pizza is included! Free of cost!

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