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November Topic of Discussion: Self Identity

In November, TAG groups are having discussions based around the topic of self-identity. Who are you? What are your dreams and hopes? What are your strength and weaknesses? How is your identity influenced by your environment?

In middle school and high school, students are drawing and writing about their internal identities: strengths, personality characteristics, passions, dreams, and core values. What makes you who you are? And then adding environmental influences around that: family/home, community/culture, school, as well as gender, race, age, and chance. I am also giving them a handout for the Piirto Pyramid of Success. The discussion and activity are guided by this perspective of giftedness and success.

In the elementary schools, students are drawing and reflecting about who they are and who they want to be. The concept of the pyramid of success is simplified for them. They are identifying who they are and who they want to be through coloring, drawing, and writing.

As smart people, these kids can be complicated. Through taking a moment to stop and reflect about who they are, they will identify their own strengths as well as areas of weakness or self-challenge. By stopping to think about how their environment influences them, they can take some control over how they want to be influenced. We just are who we are day to day, but stopping to reflect about it can be a powerful experience.

To read more about the Piirto Pyramid of Success, see a previos post on this page:

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