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 It is the goal of Elmira Elementary School to provide frequent, meaningful opportunities for parents and families to become engaged in their child’s education. Several approaches are taken in order to achieve this goal.

  This policy is written to clearly delineate these opportunities, as well as, describe the process by which they are communicated to parents, methods for such communication and strategies for program evaluation and improvement.
 Adult Education:
•Parenting classes/resources through our school counselor.
•Title One activity nights teaching academic skills to parents for student support.
Parent Communication:
  Events / Activities:
Parents will be notified of all activities and events through:
•Classroom Newsletters.
•“What’s Happening” newsletter and other school wide newsletters.
•Reader Board in front of the school.
•District website with school calendar.
•Flyers sent home with students.
 Student Achievement:
Elmira Elementary School has parent teacher conferences twice a year. All parents are
invited to fall and spring conferences. Report cards are given at these conferences. Those
parents that did not attend will have their report card sent home with their child. Report
cards are sent home with students when conferences are not held. Conferences throughout
the school can take place by either a parent or teacher request.
 Volunteer Opportunities:
There are many opportunities to volunteer at Elmira Elementary School. They include but are not limited to:
•SITE Council
•Field Trips
•Production Work
•Fundraising Events
•In-class Support
•Community Service Projects
To assist with getting information about volunteering at Elmira Elementary School does several things including:
•Giving every family a Criminal Background form to fill out at registration so they can become “authorized” to volunteer.
•Put out information in newsletters regarding volunteer opportunities.
•PTA holds monthly meetings to share volunteer opportunities.
•Remind parents in newsletters that criminal background forms are needed to volunteer, attend field
trips, etc.
 Family Engagement:
 The PTA at Elmira Elementary School provides at least one opportunity a year for families to get together for evening events such as a Bingo Night, Harvest Festival, etc.

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