The football staff has thought long and hard about our Team Camp to George Fox. At this time, we have decided to cancel going to that team camp.

We will be doing one of two things:

  1.  Do our own team camp the same Friday night and All day Saturday. The cost of this would be around $50 per player to help offset the cost of food and other items.
  2. Do our own team camp on Friday night and then go to Western Oregon for a one day camp. This would cost $70 per player. I have a call in to Western to see if this still open and to get more info.  Players may need to bring some money for lunch and dinner, but not sure yet.  This camp had renegade (players not with a team) that we may be able to pick up as lineman.

Either way, this would save parents a lot of money.  I want to keep the schedule and calendar the same for now. I know parents plan around the calendar.

if you have not paid for camp yet, please hold off until I finalize what we are doing. If you have paid already, I will be in contact with you sometime early in the week.

Thanks for the understanding,

Coach Peeler


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