Below is a message from the Helmet DELEAR. School provides a Ridell Speed helmet. If you are interested in a leasing or buying a Ridell Speed Flex, you must visit the website below.



Riddell, Schutt, & Xenith have all been forced to shut down production during this Coronavirus situation.

We just received word from Riddell, that this backlog will delay delivery until at least Aug. 15th, for orders not in the system.

What does this mean?

If you have parents that want to lease helmets, they need to order NOW! We have anticipated some helmets (Flex), and colors for parent leases, but once we run out, there probably won’t be an opportunity for the parents/players to lease helmets after July 1st. – We will be out, and the manufacturers will not be able to deliver. Send your parents to to order.

For new helmet orders… time will be 4+ weeks, especially for painted helmets. So anticipate your needs as well.

This will be a very challenging & wacky year. Work with us, so we can make it as smooth as possible.

Thanks & BE SAFE!!


Mark Elmblade


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