Here is an update from the District on Summer Workouts!

Athletes and Parents:

Hello Everyone!   Athletes and parents are required to print out and sign the Summer Athletic Waiver form (see link below), and turn in to the coach prior to participating.  Locker rooms will be used as restrooms only, so you will need to dress in the clothes that you plan to participate in. Please know that per OSAA/OHA/CDC guidelines, athletes will have their temperatures checked and a small screening process will take place prior to participation.  It is encouraged that athletes bring their own water and hand sanitizer.  Hand sanitizer and other methods of disinfecting equipment will be available, but coaches will not be providing water and drinking fountains are closed.  Along with hand sanitizer, coaches will have cleaner to wipe off equipment and will make sure athletes maintain appropriate social distancing at all times.

Athlete Waiver FRSD – COVID-19

Assuming Fall Sports will be allowed to take place due to the continuing COVID -19 pandemic, Family ID will open for Fall Sports registration August 6th and from 5:30-7:00 pm the school will be open for parents/athletes to pay fees and turn in supplemental paperwork that day.  Please note, with registration, you will be asked to complete the Athletic Waiver form a second time even if you completed it for participation in summer activities.  As of right now, Fall Athletics are still scheduled to begin practice August 17th.  If something changes information will be posted.

Please get the Athletic Waiver signed and returned to me prior to attending your first summer workout practice. Summer Workouts will start either Monday June 29th or Tuesday June 30th. Times and locations will come soon. You can send forms to several ways:

  1. Print the form, sign, scan, send it via email
  2. Print the form, sign, take a picture on your smartphone, send it via email.
  3. Iphone users can use the pen in the upper corner on a document.  You can add text boxes and sign directly. Then just email it to me.
  4. Download the PDF to your computer, add a text box with athlete and parent/guardian name and date, send it via email.

Remember that summer workouts are not mandatory.  If you don’t feel safe coming, please stay home. We will be following the OSAA/OHA/District guidelines for the workouts.  We will be focusing on weight room, speed/agility, and football skill development. I do recommend checking the district, high school, and football website frequently for updated information.  Also, feel free to email me with any questions.

District Website –

High School Website –

Falcon Football Website –

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