Monthly Citizenship Award

Each month a student who has shown exemplary citizenship in their school and/or community are nominated for this award by a building principal.  The recipient is invited to lead the Board in the flag salute and receives a certificate of achievement. Congratulations to outstanding citizens:


October Citizenship Award Winner

October 2022

Jax Bell: Veneta Elementary School





June 2022

Alyssa Johnson: Elmira High School





May 2022

Ella Carney: Elmira Elementary School





April 2022

Tayler Carney: EHS Options Program





March 2022

Jack Alansky: Fern Ridge Middle School





February 2022

Levi Ruby: Veneta Elementary




January 2022

Camren Reis: Elmira Elementary




December 2021

Audrey Garner: Elmira High School





November 2021

Vy Doan: Veneta Elementary School





October 2021

Elleana Galaviz: Elmira High School






2020-2021 School Year


May 2021

Ayden: Elmira High School




April 2021

Amy Mae: Elmira Elementary School




March 2021

Aubrey: Veneta Elementary School




February 2021

Dominic: Fern Ridge Middle School





January 2021

Olivia: Elmira Elementary





December 2020

Madison: Elmira High School





November 2020

Bella: Veneta Elementary





October 2020

Garrett: Fern Ridge Middle School






2019 – 2020 School Year


February Citizenship Award Winner with School Board

February 2020

Vivian: Elmira Elementary






award winner with school board members

January 2020

Ethan: Elmira High School






December 2019Award winner with school board members

Benjamin: Veneta Elementary School






Citizenship Award Winner with School Board MembersNovember 2019

Shyanne: Fern Ridge Middle School






Citizenship award winner with school board

October 2019

Dixon: Elmira Elementary School






2018 – 2019 School Year

Citizenship award winner with school board

June 2019

Paige: Elmira High School






May Citizenship Student with School Board

May 2019

Cody: Fern Ridge Middle School






April Citizenship Student with School Board

April 2019

Brookelyn: Elmira Elementary School






Student with School Board Members


March 2019

Brianna: Veneta Elementary School





Student with School Board Mebers

February 2019

Riley: Elmira High School






School Board with student

January 2019

Jaquilynne: Fern Ridge Middle School






School board with student

December 2018

Chet: Elmira Elementary School






School Board with student

November 2018

Rylee: Veneta Elementary School















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