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Elementary Welcome Letter and First Week Plan

Taking Attendance in Options

A student must log in to their learning management system (Accelerate or Edgenuity) and work before 2:00 pm on all scheduled school days in order to be counted present. If students are unable to log in to their program, the student or parent can email Ms. Stansell at   

Students who are absent for 10 consecutive days will be withdrawn from the system.

Frequently Asked Questions for K-5 Students

How many classes do students take at one time?

Typically, students are enrolled in five courses. This can be increased or decreased by one class for individual students, by parent request.

Who provides materials for classes?

Options does not charge the standard $20 materials fee for students, so that parents have that resource to pick up some materials. Most needed materials are basic household supplies, pencils and coloring tools. Options does offer recorders to be checked out, or parents can buy their own online or at a music store for around $8.

Do I need special software on my computer?

Everything Options does is internet-based. A student only needs the chrome browser and can access Google docs, sheets and slides through their student login. It is very helpful to have a camera either on a phone or computer, to take pictures of offline work. This year we are supplying chromebooks to Options students, and offering an optional $20 insurance policy for damage, if parents want to avoid any accidental damage risk.

Can a student transfer back to their home school at any time?

Transfers back to the home school are fairly easy and straightforward at the elementary level.

How many hours a day does a student need to work to be successful?

It depends on the student. Most will need to plan on working three hours per day to be successful, Monday-Friday. Accelerate tracks student progress and schedules new work each weekday morning (not for holidays or weekends). Students can reduce the daily load and work some on the weekend, if that works better.

Who are the class instructors, and how can they be contacted?

Instructors and Instructional Assistants and their contact emails are listed on the Staff Page of the Options website. Students who need assistance can contact instructors through email, or they can contact Mr. Cooper directly by email or on the Options phone.

How does a student get tutoring or hands-on help?

Students can come in to Options for up to two hours a day to work or get help, or they can arrange a personal Google Meet session with Mr. Cooper or one of their teachers, for occasional help. Each grade will have a Google Meet opportunity at least once a week and there will also be a general Meet at least once a week.

Do the K-5 students have printables?

Yes, students can pickup a semester packet by grade level at the Options site, in back of the high school.

K-5 Distance Learning and Online Options

Elementary Curriculum

There are two curriculum choices for our elementary students, but there is a preferred learning option. The table below gives more information.

Accelerate Buzz K-5 Preferred Curriculum
Instructional Services K-2 Alternative Curriculum
Edgenuity Courseware 3-5 Alternative Curriculum
We also offer customizable alternatives for special circumstances, contact Options for more information.

Elementary Options is now providing paper packets to support the required printing, in case parents don’t have access to a printer. As of September 1, 2021, please feel free to come and pick up a weekly packet at the Options location in back of Elmira High School (North side). Hours for pickup are 7:45-3:45.

Core Courses Aligned with K-5 Curriculum

K-5 Course Catalog

Founded in 2011, Accelerate Education is a leading provider of blended learning solutions for schools. Accelerate Education combines off-line worksheets, online reading and videos for our students K-5 that enable students to learn in a variety of ways. For more information visit their website at Accelerate Education.

Phone: 541-952-7025