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Taking Attendance in Options

Structured students are required to attend their daily zoom to be counted present. Independent students must work in Accelerate each day, any time up to midnight, Tuesday-Friday. If students are unable to be on Accelerate, the student or parent can email Ms. Russell at   

K-5 Distance Learning and Online Options

K-5 Newsflash:

The semester is almost over! Options will continue the Accelerate Math and Language Arts classes into next semester, so students will continue working on the current modules, if they have not completed the course (almost no students will complete by February 5th), and will seamlessly move to the Semester B course when they get there. We will also move all students to new second semester courses for PE, Music, and Science. Social Studies topics will be included for intermediate students as part of the Language Arts classes, when students get to the new term class.

Elementary Options is now providing paper packets to support the required printing, in case parents don’t have access to a printer. Please feel free to come and pick up a weekly packet at the Options location in back of Elmira High School (North side). Hours for pickup are 7:45-3:45.

Options Elementary Family Letter 9-28-20

Accelerate Learning Coach Hotline, 5am-7pm PST: 866-705-5575. Use this hotline when:

the student is unable to proceed within the course

you notice severe slowness or automatic log-outs

Core Courses Aligned with K-5 Curriculum

K-5 Course Catalog

Founded in 2011, Accelerate Education is a leading provider of blended learning solutions for schools. Accelerate Education combines off-line worksheets, online reading and videos for our students K-5 that enable students to learn in a variety of ways. For more information visit their website at Accelerate Education.

Independent Learning Option

Students have access to all materials and instructors through technology. Students work with their learning coach (e.g. parent, grandparent, etc.) at home. Two-way communication with Options instructors are either by phone, email, or virtual meeting. A student may occasionally desire to make an appointment to come in physically, but this will not be a requirement.

Structured Learning Option

Students will engage with other students and the instructor in a virtual classroom, will have regular virtual meetings with instructors, with daily check-ins, during which they will supplement online learning. Students may come in physically by appointment to the school to work on computers or in small cohort groups with the instructors, or one-on-one by appointment.

Phone: 541-952-7025