Announcement Regarding “2020-21” School Year

The first day of school for the Fern Ridge School District will be Tuesday, September 15th. A variety of learning formats will be in place as students begin the “2020-21” school year. Learning formats that are available are dependent on state and county COVID-19 metrics.

Grades K-3 will begin the “20-21” school year with in-person instruction. Students will be an A/B day schedule with students attending two days a week. Students will receive instruction in the building either Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday.

Grades 4 – 12 will begin the school year in Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL). In this format Fern Ridge School District Students will be taught online. Instruction will be provided by FRSD teachers.

For families in all grades K – 12 the FRSD OPTIONS Program is available. This program will be fully online with some teacher support.

Some students will have the opportunity for limited in-person instruction based on educational, relational, curricular, instructional, and/or assessment need. FRSD special education teachers and case managers will be reviewing IEP’s and spring data to make this determination. Case managers will be contacting parents/guardians to discuss how your child’s IEP will be implemented. Limited in-person instruction will begin September 22 for those that qualify.

Other Special Education Information:
• The special education referral process will resume at the school building level.
• Last spring’s school closure impacted all students, several weeks of high quality instruction may be necessary before a team can assess a student with validity.
• Under limited in-person instruction we are now able to conduct on site assessments
• Students who have pending referrals will be reviewed to make sure the team has the appropriate data to move forward.
• All timelines are in effect, including initial assessment, annual review, and three-year eligibility assessment/review.
• Students who have difficulty wearing a mask will not be denied access to curriculum. For some an accommodation may be necessary, for others staff will work on skill acquisition.
• Students with special circumstances who cannot attend school in-person will have individual meetings with their IEP teams to determine the appropriate services and service delivery.

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