Our 7th and 8th grade classes will start the My Future, My Choice curriculum immediately after the break. Information about these classes, including a link to the curriculum and an opt out page for families who did not want their students to participate, was sent home earlier this month via Parent Square. We are posting those links on this website in case you missed them. Oregon Department of Education requires that we teach human sexuality to students and the My Future, My Choice is the recommended curriculum. There are ten lessons in the curriculum and we divide them among the three grade levels:

Lesson 1:         Changes – Learn and identify the physical, emotional and social changes that happen during puberty. (Sixth Grade)

Lesson 2:        Who I am–  Understand gender and the range of ways people identify and express themselves. Learn the basics of sexual orientation. (Sixth Grade)

Lesson 3:        Everybody Deserves Respect and Support – Understand that all people at school need to be treated with respect. (Sixth Grade)

Lesson 4:        Advantages of Postponing Sexual Involvement –  Learn how to define consensual sexual involvement. Know the benefits of waiting to have sex, including reaching personal goals. (Sixth Grade)

Lesson 5:        Media and Other Influences – Identify pressures that could affect the dec to have sex, including media influence. (Seventh Grade)

Lesson 6:        Handling Peer Pressure and Setting Boundaries – Identify positive and negative peer pressure. Learn to communicate assertively and understand why setting and respecting personal boundaries is important. (Seventh Grade)

Lesson 7:        Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships – Understand what makes relationships healthy and unhealthy. Learn that trusted adults can provide support to an adolescent’s relationships. (Seventh Grade)

Lesson 8:        Making SMART Decisions – Learn about the SMART Decisions Model that helps students make thoughtful, healthy decisions. Practice how to avoid negative consequences. (Eighth Grade)

Lesson 9:        Recognizing and Reducing the Risks – Practice identifying risky sexual behavior. Learn how to reduce risk. (Eighth Grade)

Lesson 10:       Consent – Learn how to ensure you have consent in a relationship and discuss how to handle rejection. (Eighth Grade)

Here is the link to the curriculum so you can review it: My Future, My Choice

Here is the link to the Opt Out Form. You can opt out through the posts sent via Parent Square or you can print this form and return it to Opt Out. The teachers have also had Opt Out forms available in their classrooms for students to pick up. Students who opt out of these lessons will have alternative work given to them.

My Future, My Choice lessons for our sixth grade students will happen later in January. Mr. James will be sending home additional information after winter break.