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We’ve had multiple reports this morning of students having difficulty signing into their Google Account. Our IT department is checking into it, but it appears that it is an issue within Google itself. Watch this space for updates. As soon as we know something, we will update this post and send out a remind.com text.

As always, thank you for your patience.

FRMS Staff


Update: 10:00

We are back! Google seems to be back to itself.

To help serve our students without internet access and those who, for whatever reason, can’t access the Zoom meetings live, teachers are recording Zoom meetings.

These recordings are then posted to the teacher’s unlisted/private You Tube account and then linked in the Google Classroom. Only students with FRSD Google Accounts (accessible with an FRSD ID and Password) can access our Google Classrooms to view these videos. Teachers are not publicly posting videos. It is important that we post these videos so that students who were not able to attend the Live Meeting, can still participate in the class by watching the video. This means that if a student’s internet crashes or their computer freezes or some conflict occurs, they don’t miss class because they have the videos. It also means that our students who have to travel to a “hot spot” for internet access, don’t have to sit at that “hot spot” all day waiting for each period to happen. Essentially posting the videos allows us to ensure equal access to our distance learning classes.

While equity is a important to us, student privacy is as well. While videos are only posted to the Google Classroom that only students can access, we realize that some families may still have concerns. To that end,  we have worked to reconfigure our Zoom settings to do the following:

  • Eliminate all names from the recorded video. Names will still appear in the Live Zoom meetings but they will not appear on the recordings.
  • When the teacher is  “sharing their screen” to present a slideshow or a video or a document, the camera stays on the screen.
  • No “gallery views” are included in the Zoom recordings.
  • During class discussions where the teacher is not sharing their screen, the camera does shift to a student when they “unmute” their microphone to ask or answer a question or contribute to the discussion. The camera stays on them only until they stop talking and “mute” their microphone.  If your student does not want to appear on the video or you don’t want them to appear, then before they “unmute” they simply need to turn off their video. The class and the teacher will still be able to hear your student. When they are done speaking and have muted their microphone again, they can turn their video back on. This is the only time students are “on camera” during their Zoom classes with our new settings. Teachers will remind students to turn videos off before they “unmute” if they don’t want to be on camera, but families should also encourage  students to use this simple strategy if they have concerns

It’s also important to note that not every class is being recorded. Teachers who teach just one subject/grade level, are picking one class a day to record.

Please feel free to contact either our principal, Olivia Johnson at ojohnson@fernridge.k12.or.us or our assistant principal Eric Carman at ecarman@fernridge.k12.or.us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility.

The start of the 20-21 school year is just days away and FRMS is excited to start the distance learning process with your child. To help get the year off to a great start on Tuesday, we ask that our families do the following:

1.  Set up an area in  your house that your student can use as their “classroom” during distance learning. This should be a space where they can be online for all 5 classes throughout the day. Set up their space with their school supplies (list posted on the website) and their planners will help them stay organized.

2. Print out a copy of our Distance Learning Bell Schedule for your child and put that in their work space so they know what time each period begins.

3. Make sure that your child has their current Google ID and Password. Passwords for all students were reset on 9/14, so if you have not called or picked up your new password please do so. You can just call the school or stop by.  Your child’s Google Email/User ID is their initials,  their lunch number and @student.oregonk–12.com. For example John Doe would be JD12345@student.oregonk-12.com

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Zoom Live Meeting Practice: FRMS teachers will be hosting a Google/Zoom practice class on Monday, September 21st. Teachers will host a “drop in” Zoom meeting for students from 10:00 to 10:50. To access that Zoom meeting, students will need to sign in to Google with their school email and password, open up the Google Classroom App, and then link to the live Zoom meeting for that class. Teachers will be on to say hi. Students can  practice  ‘dropping in” to one class or all of their classes. We strongly encourage students and families to take advantage of this time to practice getting into Google, into Google Classroom, and then linking to the Zoom live meetings.

By practicing on Monday, students will be better prepared for the first day of classes on Tuesday, September 22nd.

FRMS would like to introduce our students and their families to the three newest members of the FRMS staff.

Picture of Lauren Purcell Joiner

Dr. Lauren Purcell

Picture of Lauren Allan

Lauren Allan

Picture of Jacob Newman

Jacob Newman

Lauren Allan joins us as a 7th grade Language Arts teacher this year. Mrs. Bennett is staying home with her new baby. Mrs. Allen comes to use with over a decade of middle school language arts teaching experience both here and in New York.

Jacob Newman is our new P.E. teacher. Mr. Newman comes to us from Gilroy California where he taught high school P.E. and coached football.

Dr. Purcell is our new music teacher. She will also be teaching Social Studies this year. She has a doctorate in music and an extensive background in teaching and performing. She is especially looking forward to be being able to teach choir when our current restricts are lifted.

FRMS would also like to welcome Matthew Winn and Michael Larson to the FRMS staff. Matthew will be filling in for Mr. Light while he takes leave this fall. Mr. Winn comes to us from Hawaii where he taught middle school math. Michael Larson will be filling in for Mrs. Pizzola while she is on maternity leave. Mr. Larson is a long time substitute at FRMS and may be familiar to former VES students after spending several months at Veneta Elementary as a long term sub.

Welcome Mr. Winn and Mr. Larson. Thank you for helping us this fall and we are excited to have you here.

Picture of Matthew Winn

Matthew Winn

Just a reminder to all of our families that student Google passwords have been reset. Students will get their new Google passwords when they pick up their chromebooks this week. For students who are not checking out Chromebooks, families can call or stop by the office to get their new password.

We will also have our office open on Wednesday the 16th from 3:00 to 7:00 PM for students to pick up passwords.

Reminder that their google email address or user ID is their initials, their lunch number, at student.oregonk-12.com

For example John Doe, Lunch Number 12345’s email address or User ID would be JD12345@student.oregonk-12.com

To help serve our working families, the FRMS office will be open from 3:00 to 7:00 on Wednesday, September 16th. This gives families a chance to stop by during this time and:

  • Pick up a planner for $5
  • Pick up their students Google ID and Google Password
  • Pick up their student’s class schedule with a copy of the FRMS Distance Learning “Bell” Schedule
  • Pick up information on How to Access Google Classroom and Zoom
  • Pick up yearbooks that were purchased last year (We still have a few available to sell for $16 as well)
  • Return any library books or textbooks from last year students may still have
  • Pay any library fees, textbook fees, or band fees from last year
  • FRMS accepts cash and checks only at this time

We can only serve one family at a time in the office due to social distancing guidelines, so families may need to wait outside. Masks are required.


With the start of school just over a week away, a few updates and reminders for students enrolled in the FRMS Hybrid program:

  1. Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) starts for FRMS students on Tuesday, September 22nd. Individual student schedules are up in Home Access and we have hard copies here in the office. The “bell” schedule with class times is on the right hand side of the FRMS website under Distance Learning Schedule.
  2.  Accessing classes: Students will access their classroom through Google Classroom. When they pick up their chromebooks, they will be given their Google ID and Password. Students who don’t check out a chromebook, can call the office and we will give them that information or they can stop by to pick up their ID and Password. We are also going to be open on Wednesday evening from 5 to 7 to distribute Google IDs and Passwords to families as well as schedule information.
  3. Google Classroom Codes: Students will get an invitation to join the Google Classroom for each class on their schedule. They should receive those in the Google Email by the end of the week. We are also going to email parents information on how to access Google Classroom and the class codes for that grade level. Please do not share the codes on Facebook or other social media. Students will only need the codes for the first time that they “join” the class.
  4.  Practice Class: We are setting up a Google/Zoom practice class on Monday, September 21st. Teachers will host a drop in Zoom meeting for students from 10:00 to 10:50. To access that Zoom meeting, students will need to sign in to Google and then use their class code to join the Google classroom. Once they join in, they can follow the Zoom link to join the live Zoom class meeting and say hi to their teachers. We strongly encourage students and families to take advantage of this time to practice accessing their Google classrooms and Zoom meeting. During the 10:00 to 11:00 hour, they can “drop into” all five of their classes if they want to.
  5. Chromebook Check Out Schedule Information:  Click here for information and schedule
  6. 6th Grade Families: We invite our 6th grade students and their parents to join us for a 6th grade Q and A/Meet Your Teacher Monday the 14th at 6:30 via Google Meets. Click here to join the meeting
  7. For all of our families, our third FRMS Parent Q and A will be Wednesday at 4:30 PM. Click here to join the Wednesday June 16th 4:30 Parent Q and A

Good morning FRSD families.  Our vendor, Chartwells, and their staff have been working hard to prepare for the return of students.  Below are some notes regarding our plan for the beginning of the year, and how it will build and grow over the first few weeks this Fall.  In addition I have included some important information concerning Federal waivers the district has received in regards to providing meals.

1.  FREE MEALS:  Federal Waivers we have received allow the District to provide both breakfast and lunch meals FREE to ALL school age children through December 2020.

2.  FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH FORM:  Please, continue to fill these out now, DO NOT WAIT. The waivers will end eventually, and we don’t  want families to end up not being covered when they do.  In addition, the qualifying income amounts have been adjusted, allowing for more eligible families.  The easy online application process can be completed here: https://www.ode.state.or.us/apps/frlapp or you can go to this link and print a copy of the form and turn it in at a school:  https://www.fernridge.k12.or.us/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/1621_001.pdf

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The NEW chromebook checkout schedule/location/days/times have been finalized.  The checkout, for ALL SCHOOLS, will be in the North parking lot of Elmira High School.  To access that information, visit the link/page below.



These forms will be available in the front office of every school as well as the high school during check out.  The link below will take you to the form if you would like to print, sign, and bring with you to the checkout.

Chromebooks can not be issued without a form signed by both the student and parent.