Spring Practices for next will be Monday through Thursday 6:00pm – 7:30pm on practice field.  Friday, practice will be 10:00am to 12:00pm.  This is to accommodate some baseball games.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are our scheduled Mandatory practices with gear to be able to participate in full contact at Camp Rilea.  If you miss one, Monday of camp will cover it.  If you miss more, you will have to sit out of scrimmages at camp until you have the three gear days covered.

Also, construction begins on the High School this weekend.  Players, Parents, and Coaches all need to go to the back of the school (staff parking lot) to park or pick-up players.  We need to walk behind the school by the shot put area to get to the practice field.  The front of the school will be closed.

There are still around 20 players saying they are going to Camp Rilea who have not paid for Camp.  Please get that done ASAP.  I need to have the check ready this next week.  I am planning a meeting for parents of players going to camp.  The meeting will be Wednesday at 7pm in the cafeteria.  This will be to discuss the bus and make sure everyone has rides.  Also, Danyel Parker is going to be contacting parents for donations for two different meals at Camp.


Coach Peeler


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