EHS Booster Club Fundraiser – Bingo, Brats, and Brew!

EHS Booster Club will be hosting a big fundraiser on Saturday October 6th at the old Central Elementary School; the first annual Bingo, Brats, & Brew event.

This fundraiser is an all-ages event and will raise funds to help all athletics at EHS.  There will be bingo, silent auctions, a dessert auction, a cornhole tournament, and food and drinks for purchase. Bring friends and family to support the cause and to have a good time.  All are welcome.   See the flyer below.


Updated Syllabi

On each class page, I’ve added an link to the updated 2018-19 syllabus for that class.  Click on the class your looking for in the top menu bar to find assignments and the syllabus.  For mobile devices click the menu button on the top right to see the list of classes.  The syllabus will be handed out to students on Friday in class.

Precalculus Calculator Requirement

For our Precalculus class we use graphing calculators extensively.  For this you will need to obtain a sufficient graphing calculator.


Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84. I am very familiar with these and thus can better help you learn to use them.

Casio FX-9750GII.  Popular in recent years. More affordable and does what we need it to do.  I am not familiar with it, but have purchased one and will be learning it this year.

Texas Instruments TI-89.  Does all we need to do and more.  More expensive and LCC does not allow the TI-89 on tests.

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire. Fancier and more expensive.  LCC also does not allow these.  They have many upgraded features but I don’t recommend them for various reasons.

There are graphing calculators out there that do not have the functionality that we need so check with me before buying.

If you have any questions, or if obtaining a calculator will be difficult for you, please come talk to me about it.

Math teacher and basketball coach at Elmira High School in Oregon.