Beginning  today (April 1st) FRMS students will take the  English/Language Arts assessment. The test is in two parts. They will take the first part in their social studies classes beginning on Monday. It should take 2-3 class periods to finish the first part. The second part will take place in their language arts class beginning Monday, April 8th. The second part should take 3-4 class periods. Students should bring a book to read  when they finish their test. Students are not allowed to have their cell phones during state testing. Testing in math will take place in May.

State tests are aligned to the content standards and will help families know whether their student is on track for high school graduation. If students are not on track, we want to know that now while we have time to help get them back on track.  The test cannot tell us everything about your child’s progress, but it does give us a snap shot of their strengths and areas for improvement. They help us make sure we are giving them the help they need. For 8th graders, this is their last opportunity to “practice” the test and become familiar with the test before they required to pass the test in order to graduate from high school.  In addition, state tests provide the school with information on how we are doing and how we can continue to improve our educational system.

For more information on state testing, please check the link “state testing” on the left hand side of our website.

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