Over the next month, 6th grade students will be participating in field trips to  HJ Andrews Forest and the Pacific Tree Climbing Institute.  In order to allow students a full day in the forest, they will be returning to school at 5 PM and leaving promptly at 8:15. If someone else is going to pick up your child, please let their science teacher know.

Permission slips were sent home on April 9th. There are two permission slips needed-the first is a permission slip for the field trip and second is the Pacific Tree Climbing Institute Waiver that allows students to participate in the tree climbing portion of the field trip. Both need to be signed and returned. Parents with an approved background check on file who would like to volunteer to chaperone should contact their child’s science teacher.

Classes will go according to the following schedule:

April 25th: Ms. Davis’ 3rd Period Class

May 2nd: Mr. Stoe’s First Period Class

April 26th: Ms. Pizzola’s 4th Period Class

May 3rd: Ms. Pizzola’s 5th Period Class

Below is a message from the teachers and links to the permission slips if parents need another copy:

Hi Parents/Guardians,

I wanted to let you know that I gave the students two permission slips
to take home today. One is for the school granting permission for your
student to go on the field trip. The other permission slip is
specifically for Pacific Tree Climbing Institute who runs the tree
climbing station on the field trip.

Some times students aren’t comfortable with the tree climbing portion of
the trip but when they get out there and see all of their friends doing
it they want to join in. Without the waiver form they aren’t allowed to
go so I always recommend signing the form and they can decide when they
get there if it’s something they would like to do. The guides are really
respectful about honoring students’ comfort levels and do not push them
to go higher than they are ready for nor do they tolerate other students
pressuring them to do something they don’t want to do. I’ve included a
link to their website in case you wanted more information. [1]

The permission slips are due by next Monday, April 15th but the sooner
they are turned in the better. Also, some students have verbally told me
that their parents are interested in chaperoning. If you are interested,
would you please respond in an email or phone call so I can confirm.

Best regards,

James Stoe
Whitney Davis
Kathleen Pizzola
Fern Ridge Middle School- science

Link to Field  Trip Permission Slip

Link to Pacific Tree Climbing Institute Waiver

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