2023-2024 Fern Ridge Middle School Student Supply List

2 highlighters

24 #2 pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)


Pens (Blue or Black Ink)

1 pack of colored pencils

College Ruled notebook paper*


2 folders

($10-$15) Scientific 10-digit display Calculator

Student Scissors

2-inch three ring binder

Spiral Notebook (one)

Pencil Pouch

Index Dividers

Composition Notebook (one)

2 highlighters

All Students for P.E.

           Athletic Wear (No sleeveless shirts, tank tops, or crop tops)

            Gym Shoes- Students must either wear sneakers each day or keep a spare pair of sneakers in their gym locker to change into. (No sandals, crocs, or boots for P.E.)

             Wear shorts, sweats, or leggings each day for P.E. or keep in gym locker.

             Extra pair of socks to keep in gym locker

             Deodorant to keep in gym locker

             Water bottle with student name written on it     

Students who ride their bikes or scooters to school are expected to keep them locked up outside on the bike rack. Please provide your child with a lock. FRSD is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes or scooter.

Optional Items (Not Required. Available during Registration)

  1. FRMS P.E. T-Shirt for students to use during P.E. if they choose. $7
  2. Spirit Shirt: We are selling Spirit Shirts as a school fundraiser. $10
  3. Yearbook: Students may purchase yearbooks that will be distributed at the end of the 23-24 school year. $18 Students are not required to buy a yearbook.


Please check your child’s school supplies throughout the year and replenish as needed. Thank

For a printable copy of the 2023-24 FRMS School Supply List, click on the link below:

2023-2024 School Supply List