For FRMS students and their families who enjoy supporting our EHS football team and attending their home games, here are some reminders from EHS.  Please take a minute to review these with your children before attending a game. Thank you!


Elmira High School Fans and Visitors

Welcome to Elmira High School and Swartz Field.  We hope your experience here is an enjoyable one.  Please refer to the spectator/visitor policies and information below that help ensure the enjoyment and safety of all fans in attendance at the game.

  • A “Youth Area” specifically for middle school age or younger students has been created at the NE end of the home grandstands. While sitting in the main grandstands or simply being with your parent/guardian is always an option for our younger fans, this seating area is specifically designated for younger students (adults beware) J so they can watch the game or socialize with their peers in a safe location.  Youth who are being unsafe or not following the directions of game management personnel, may:


  • Be asked to remain in the youth area for the remainder of the game.
  • Be required to stay with their parent/guardian for the remainder of the game.
  • Be asked to leave the game.
  • Lose the privilege of attending further EHS athletic events.


  • For all fans sitting in the home grandstands, please be courteous and remain seated so that all may see the game. In particular, there should be no standing at the “railing”.  If you enjoy standing to watch the game, the grandstands are not the best place to be.  A better option would be the west end-zone.


  • Please do not bring footballs into the game, as they cannot be thrown around.


  • At each end of the grandstands, and in several areas around the field, there are trash cans. Please be courteous to our custodial staff who stay late to clean the field and stadium by disposing of your trash.  Your help is appreciated.


  • Finally, it is a privilege to attend EHS athletic events, and as such, it can be taken away. Unsafe behavior, unsportsmanlike behavior, or behavior in general that is not appropriate for a school setting is NOT OK at athletic events.  Your help and support in this area is appreciated.



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