Just a few reminders as we move into fourth quarter:

  1. Report cards will be mailed home at the end of this week.
  2. Families have the option of requesting “pass/no pass” instead of a letter grade for the semester in any subject they chose. If, after reviewing your student’s report card, you want this option for the semester just call the office and let us know.
  3.  Families can make the switch to “pass/no pass” up until the end of the school year. So as you monitor grades in Home Access and/or Google Classroom, just call the office if you want the “Pass/No Pass” option for your student.
  4. If families requested “Pass/No Pass” for first semester, we will continue that for second semester unless asked to switch back. However third quarter grades will be letter grades. Remember “Pass/No Pass” only applies to the semester grade.
  5. Don’t forget to switch the “RC” box in  Home Access to 4 to make sure you are checking your child’s grades/classwork for fourth quarter.
  6. At anytime if you have any questions about your child’s grades or academic progress, teachers are available on Mondays to meet with families. They can also be reached by email or through the school office.

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