First, I want to thank those families who participated in our survey and gave us feedback about 8th grade promotion.

66% of FRMS parents wanted us to have a gym ceremony, even limiting each student to only two guests  and  holding an A and B ceremony to keep the number of participants down to allow for social distancing. After surveying parents, we also surveyed 8th grade students with the same results- the clear majority of students wanted a ceremony in the gym as well, even with the two guests per an 8th grade student restriction.

So we are happy to announce our plans for 8th grade promotion on June 16th. We are hoping to have two ceremonies with limited guests. The complete information is in the link below.

One big caveat though- as our families know Lane County went back into Extreme Risk. We can only hold our gym ceremony if the county is in Low Risk. Therefore if on either June 4th or June 11th, Lane County is in Moderate, High, or Extreme Risk we will have to cancel the gym ceremony and switch to a drive thru type ceremony.

Please click on the link below for information about 8th grade promotion this year. I ask that you read through the information carefully and call the school if you have any questions or concerns. Olivia Johnson, FRMS Principal

FRMS 8th Grade Promotion Announcement For Families 2

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