Fern Ridge Middle School wants to congratulate two rising stars: Ian Larsen and Naomi Pew. This Fall both Naomi and Ian tried out for the All State Middle School Choir and were accepted. Ian was accepted into the All State Middle School Tenor/Bass Choir and Naomi into the All State Middle School Treble Choir. The All State Middle School Choir is sponsored by the Oregon Music Educator’s Association. To be accepted, students had to submit recordings of themselves singing the scales¬† and My Country Tis of Thee.

Both Ian and Naomi have been singing all of their lives, although they both just joined the Fern Ridge Middle School Choir last year. Ian likes to sing when he is alone and admits to being nervous when it comes to singing in front of others. He likes choir because singing in a group makes him less nervous when performing. Naomi says she has been singing all her life and was excited to join choir last year. Both Ian and Naomi are members of the Fern Ridge Middle School Advanced Choir.

As members of the All State Choir, Naomi and Ian will join middle schoolers from around the state in a performance this January in Eugene. They will be performing at the First Methodist Church in Eugene on Friday, January 14th. Ian will sing with the Tenor/Base Choir at 7 PM and Naomi will sing with the Treble Choir at 8 PM.

We are very proud of both Naomi and Ian and excited that they will have this opportunity to shine.

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