This website is a valuable resource to parents in order to help students with the Eureka Math curriculum.  There are newsletters, helpful hints, worksheets and video tutorials to help with the standards we are working on in class.



khanDo you or your student struggle with math?  Visit the Khan Academy!    The Khan Academy is a free collection of instructional videos that explain a plethora of mathematic concepts, ranging from elementary to college level.  You can simply type in a topic, such as “algebra,” and enjoy short lessons that explain the “how” and “why” in easy-to-follow language.  It is a perfect way for students (and parents) to get that extra instruction while doing homework.




All 3rd-5th graders at Veneta Elementary have an IXL account.  They can log in at home to practice math and language arts skills.  We use IXL at school regularly, and encourage students to practice at home.   If you need help logging in, please email me for your child’s username and password.



5th graders are expected to memorize their multiplication and division facts up to factors of 12.  Since we have many other skills and concepts to learn this year, we can only provide limited fact practice in class.  Please encourage your child to practice their facts.  Here’s one of many sites to use:

math facts

Practice Math Facts Here!


funbrainFunBrain is another fun, free, and interactive way for students to practice their skills in math and reading.

Find it here:



MathAntics is a great website that features clear, fun instructional videos on the concepts we learn in class.  We use these videos in class, but it’s great for students to view them again, especially as a homework helper!




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