Special Services


Special Services

Special Services Address: 24936 Fir Grove Lane, Building B, Elmira, OR
Phone: 541-935-7733 Fax: 541-935-0613

Welcome to the Fern Ridge School District Special Services office!  We supervise Special Education Programs.  If you have any questions, please call me at 541-935-7733, ext. 2 or email at bbrands@fernridge.k12.or.us.

Lane ESD will be hosting a monthly live streamed lecture, in partnership with Seattle Children’s Hospital, starting February 16, 2023. The event is free, however they do ask that those who want to attend register ahead of time.
Register for Free at:
lesd.k12.or.us – Training

If you have any questions, please reach out to Stacy Arbuckle at 541-901-9404.

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Please find the attached 2022 Direction Service Summer Directory. This annual resource contains recreation, respite, support, and service opportunities that families of children with disabilities can access. We encourage Spanish-speaking families to call the Direction Service office at (541) 686-5060 for assistance locating summer programs for children with special needs.

Direction Service Summer Directory 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in compliance with Oregon Administrative Rule 581-015-2228, Individualized COVID-19 Recovery Services will be considered at each annual IEP meeting from now through the “2022-23” school year. Recovery services are provided to students who made little to no progress on their IEP goals during Comprehensive Distance Learning. Recovery Services will most often be offered in the summer between school years.

If you would like your child’s IEP team to meet before the annually scheduled date to discuss if your child is eligible to receive Individualized COVID-19 Recovery Services, please reach out to your child’s case manager. If you have any questions, please contact Brian Brands at 541-935-7733 ext. 2.

“Providing excellence for every student so that each will reach their greatest potential”

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires all school districts to locate, evaluate, and provide services for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school age children between the ages of birth and twenty-one, who may have a disability. The Fern Ridge School District is seeking your assistance in locating any children in the district who are in need of, but currently not receiving special services. Parents, guardians, staff members, or anyone who knows of a child that they believe has a disability can refer a child for a possible evaluation.

Direction Service is offering activities, camps and services during the summer season to youth and families with disabilities. For more information on all the different events that are being offered, visit them online at:


Northwest Disability Support (NWDSA) have two upcoming online Fighting COVID: Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccine sessions. One of the sessions is in Spanish (2/10/2021, 4-6PM) and the other is for individuals who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) (ages 16+) (2/18/2021, 3-5PM). There are flyers that can be shared attached to this email. More information and registration is available at: https://www.abicommunity.org/events/event/2021/02/18/fighting-covid-understanding-the-covid-19-vaccine/324099. Questions about the Fighting COVID sessions should be sent to Kate Williams-Paul (phone: 503-238-0522).

NWDSA also wanted to help get the information out that the following groups of people are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine now:

Students experiencing IDD who are old enough [at least 16 for Pfizer; at least 18 for Moderna (source)];
Parents, caregivers, and siblings of individuals of any age experiencing IDD, and;
Paid and unpaid people providing support for individuals experiencing IDD (e.g., personal support workers, healthcare personnel).

Further information about the vaccine is available on: https://covidvaccine.oregon.gov/ and information specific about individuals who experience IDD is available in this message from ODDS. Specific questions about the vaccines are best routed to: COVID19.Vaccine@dhsoha.state.or.us.

2020 Tax Exemption for Parents of Children with Disabilities

The Oregon Tax Code provides an additional tax exemption for parents of eligible children with disabilities in Oregon. The procedure for claiming an exemption for the 2020 tax year is explained in the Oregon Individual Income Tax Return and Instruction booklets.

Who qualifies for the exemption?

A child qualifies if he or she meets all of the following criteria:

Qualifies as a dependent of the parent(s) for tax year 2020;
Is eligible for early intervention services (birth to age 3), early childhood special education services (ages 3 to 5) or receives special education as defined by the State Board of Education of the state where the child attends school; and,
Is considered to have a disability as of December 31, 2020 under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and related Oregon laws.

What documentation must be submitted with the tax return to qualify for this exemption?

As the tax instruction booklet indicates, the child must have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), as well as a current eligibility statement as a student with a disability. If you do not have these documents contact your District for a copy of the IEP/IFSP cover sheet, and eligibility statement. Copies of the IEP/IFSP cover sheet and eligibility statement are not required to be submitted with the tax return. However, parents are advised to retain a copy with their 2020 tax records as the Oregon Department of Revenue may ask the parents to provide such documentation. If you have any Special Education related questions, please contact your local education provider.

Oregon Department of Revenue Online Instructions and Forms

For further information and assistance in completing Oregon tax forms, consult a tax professional or contact the Oregon Department of Revenue at 1-800-356-4222. Oregon income tax forms/publications are available at the DOR website (www.oregon.gov/DOR). That process will allow you to claim the additional tax exemption for the 2020 year.

Early childhood CARES (EC Cares) can help your baby or preschooler with:
• Speech and language skills
• Behavior and social skills
• Moving and playing
• Learning and understanding

They offer free developmental screening and services for babies and preschoolers:
• No insurance required
• Lane County children from birth to kindergarten
• Anyone can make a referral

It’s free!

Contact them at:
Florence: 541-997-1513

Welcome to Early Childhood CARES

Hot meals are available in the Elmira High School cafeteria each weekday from 11:00-12:30.

The district has added four additional pick-up sites throughout the community for families to get sack lunches each weekday from 12:00-12:30.

The meals will be picked up and delivered by our bus/transportation staff to the following locations:

– Noti Market Parking Lot
– DS Mart/Farm Store Parking Lot
– Fern Ridge Child Development Center parking lot, located at 25391 Jeans Rd.
– 5th & Woodland Ave. in Veneta

All you need to do is show up at one of these locations between 12:00 and 12:30, give a last name, and you will receive both a breakfast and lunch sack lunch for any child 0-18. A REMINDER THAT ALL MEALS ARE FREE.