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Halloween at Veneta Elementary School

For the first time in over a decade, Veneta Elementary will allow students to wear Halloween costumes on Thursday, October 31st. The following guidelines must be followed:

  1.  If students are going to wear a costume, they must wear it to school. Students will not be permitted to change at school. Students must be able to wear their costume inside or outside, at recess, at gym, on the bus, etc.
  2. No masks or full face painting will be allowed. However students can have “limited” makeup like whiskers, freckles, eye make up, etc.
  3. Costumes must not be too scary or inappropriate for the school environment. Please no gory or grotesque costumes.
  4. No props are allowed. (no swords, weapons, wands, etc)
  5. The school is not responsible for costumes that are torn or damaged while at school. Parents are encouraged to remember that students at school can be very physical during recess and gym.
  6. It often rains in Oregon on Halloween. Don’t forget that students go outside at recess rain or sunshine.
  7. Students must wear shoes that are appropriate for school. No heels, no slippers, and no flip-flops.
  8. Students who come to school wearing something inappropriate, will have to call home for new clothing or remain in the office.
  9. Costumes should not interfere with the ability of a student to go to the bathroom by themselves.

And please remember to limit the candy students bring to school after Halloween to no more than two pieces. Thank you.

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