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Rugby (resized)Rugby Sevens is a game of speed, skill and strength.  It is played by Rugby’s fastest and fittest athletes – men and women.   On January 29th, Elmira Elementary School students were able to participate in Rugby and learn about the game.   The sport was brought to the school by Doc Venter who is the coordinator for the Schools Sevens Rugby program.   Doc and his team of athletes from the University of Oregon ran drills and introduced students and staff to this upcoming Olympic sport.  The mud kept the kids sliding and laughing. As the day progressed it seemed that everyone had fun handling the oversized white football.   Doc and his crew did a great job teaching our kids. Thanks to all who helped with this assembly!

snowFebruary 17th and May 23rd coming back…

The school board met and made the decision to make up 2 snow days.  These make up days  will be on  Monday Feb.17th and Friday, May 23rd. Action taken at the school board meeting will now make these days student days.  We are hoping that weather will allow us to continue uninterrupted for the rest of the year, but if not, we may have to consider adding more days later.  Thank you for your patience as we make the adjustments.


Head Lice 101head lice

There have been some cases of head lice at Elmira Elementary.  Here is some information regarding head lice and treatment:

Head lice are very common!  More than 12 million people, mostly children and school personnel, get head lice per year.

Direct head-to-head contact with an infested person is the main way head lice is transmitted, but they may also be transmitted by sharing hats, scarves, headphones, combs and other hair accessories.  Lice cannot hop, jump or fly but they can crawl rapidly.

Watch for signs of head lice: itchy head, presence of nits (small whitish/gray specks frequently located near the scalp.)  Check your children every few days if head lice are reported at their school.  Lice are easier to eliminate if caught early.

Teach your children not to share hats, head-gear, scarves, headphones and grooming items (comb, hairbrushes, etc.) and to avoid direct head-to-head contact.

  • To kill lice on bedding, clothes, etc., wash and dry them as you would ordinarily.  NEVER add any pesticide.  Vacuum materials that cannot be washed.
  • If you are concerned about head lice on carpets or furniture, vacuum them thoroughly or wipe smooth surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Wash stuffed animals or vacuum them thoroughly.  NEVER spray them with a pesticide.
  • To kill lice on brushes or combs or hair accessories, wash them with hot soapy water.
  • Cooperate with your school’s head lice policy.  Your child will be temporarily excluded from the school as long as “nits” are present, but the policy helps avoid widespread head lice outbreaks.

10 tips for manual removal

1) Work in a well lighted area or use a flashlight and hand lens.

2) Use a grooming comb or hairbrush to remove tangles.  A hair detangler spray or other hair conditional may aid in this process.

3) Divide the hair into sections and fasten off the hair that is not being worked on.

4) Use a lice comb to detect and remove lice and nits.

5) Go through hair sections from the scalp to the end of the hair.  Nits are usually found close to the scalp.

6) Dip the comb in a cup of hot soapy water or use tape to remove lice, nits or debris from the comb.

7) Sift through the same section of hair and look for attached nits and live lice.

8) Move on to the next section until the entire scalp and all hair has been checked.

9) Screen the infested person every day for 10 days and regularly therafter.

10) If additional nits (at least 3-5) are discovered, another manul search is recommended.

You cannot completely control head lice with head lice shampoos alone.  You must combine shampoo treatment with manual removal.



Hello and Welcome Back to 2014! Hope everyone had  great holidays and a very Happy New Year. Here are some reminders about the upcoming events at Elmira Elementary School.

January 14, 2014 – Family Fun Night Bring the Wild Alive

  • The Cascades Raptor Center’s education birds will visit. A 30-35 minute presentation will be given on topics such as raptors, owls, predators and their prey, life cycles, birds, form and function. Bring your family and enjoy this eventful evening. Pizza and drinks will be provided. This event will be held in the EES gym.
  • This event starts at 5:15PM. and will conclude at 6:30 PM

January 21, 2014 – Elmira Elementary PTA -– This is an opportunity to get involved with your child’s school and participate in our many fun events. We will be planning for our upcoming talent show/ auction/ pizza party

This event starts at 6:30 in the Elmira Elementary School’s library.

Calendar Change- There will be School on February 17th

To make up for the snow days, we will have school on President’s Day February 17th. The district will be adding back more days that have not been finalized. When they are, we will let you know. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you at one of these great events!


Cool in School AssemblyElmira students and staff gathered to celebrate at the Cool in School assembly on Friday, November 8th. This assembly honors students who have perfect or near perfect attendance during the first academic quarter. Guest speaker, Rick Dancer talked with students about the importance of coming to school every day and being on time. He also shared a story that highlighted the importance of following your own dreams and not allowing others to judge you for what they may see as differences. He challenged kids to find another student that they may not know very well and have lunch with them. He also encouraged them to share what they had learned at the assembly with their families.

Congratulations to the winners of the gold and silver hat attendance drawings! Students with zero absences or tardies for the quarter had their names entered into the gold hat while students with 3 or fewer absences and tardies had names in the silver hat. Prizes ranged from a single pass to Splash to a family pass for miniature golf at Putters.


IMG_0046Elmira Elementary celebrated the fall season with a successful Harvest Carnival on Saturday, October 26th.  Students and friends who attended enjoyed food, games, candy and fun at this event sponsored by our PTA.  Everyone who came into our haunted gym discovered an evening filled with student art, a haunted house and a festival of food as well as games all for the price of supporting our students and school.  There was something for everyone at our Harvest Carnival  and many Veneta, Elmira, Noti and Walton families enjoyed the fun. Thanks to all who helped, especially  to our wonderful PTA.

Coming  in November,  we are hosting an assembly featuring Esther Stutzman.   This assembly is scheduled for November 15th at 12:30 PM. Esther Stutzman is a Coos and Komemma / Kalapuya  Native American and is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz. Esther lives in Yoncalla, Oregon.  She is a storyteller and history keeper. She tells only Coos and Kalapuya Native American stories. We are lucky to have Ester as a guest telling her stories to our students. (Stories in Esther’s culture are regarded as private property, as are her Native American songs.) Esther has thirteen stories she shares with the public and will be at EES to share them at our school. Some of her  stories tell of a time when animals and people could talk together.   After we feature our guest Esther, we then move toward the end of the month into conference time, book fair time and time off for the holidays.

At EES we have conferences and no school for students on November 25th and November 26th followed by holiday celebration days with no school on November 27th, 28th, 29th.  Make sure you attend the book fair in the gym during conference time.  Make an appointment to see your teacher, buy a book and discover your teacher’s reading wish list for her class.  November will be colorful, fun, and full of activities at Elmira Elementary.  Call our office at 541-935-8214 for more information.

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