Options is generally open to enroll students for grades 6-12 any time during the year. We have a limit of 50 students at the high school, but generally are below that number. We have open registration for 6-8 grades as well.

If you are interested in being a virtual student, please register at the middle school or high school and indicate Options on the registration form. To hold a spot for high schoolers or to be placed on a waiting list, please send an email to

Options does not have an elementary program.

Options offers two choices of learning programs for students. We will have our regular virtual option, using Imagine Edgenuity as the primary platform.

For students who need more direct support, we will offer a limited in-person/virtual hybrid program. This program will feature an onsite lab from 8:20-12:00, and students will have some programming choices, depending on the student level of success. These courses will be based on an individual plan and circumstances.

Click on the 6-12 tab for a list of high school elective course offerings–you may click on a course or a course version for a scope and sequence. At the bottom of the page is a link to required course descriptions.

Options Attendance Policy

A student who does not work on a regular school day for at least 15 minutes in a majority of classes will be marked absent. Work Experience counts for one class automatically. Students must work in over half their classes (at least three classes) before 2:00 pm, and complete at least one assignment. If the student cannot work due to an excusable reason in their classes by 2:00, the parent can send an email to jcoone@fernridge.k12.or.us if they need to request an excused absence. We will count that as an excused absence. Any student who is absent for 10 school days in a row will be withdrawn from school.

Contact Options Directions to Options

Phone:  541-952-7025

Options Distance Learning Program
24936 Fir Grove Lane
Elmira, OR 97437

North Side of Elmira High School
(right paved fork at the Y off Territorial)
First building, also houses Special Education Services
and the EHS Shop classrooms. Enter through the first black gate on the west side of the building (propped open). Due to safety concerns, visits from students and parents are currently limited to conferences and technical assistance.