Middle School Welcome Letter
High School Welcome Letter
Grades 9-12 Elective Courses

Introduction to Business: Course A /Course B
Business Law
Personal Finance–Jr/Sr

Introduction to Agriculture
Agribusiness Systems
Pre-Veterinarian Animal Systems
Food Products Processing & Development
Food Safety and Sanitation

Environmental Science: Course A /Course B
Life Science
Plant Science
Earth Science
Physics: Course A /Course B (Even Years)
Chemistry: Course A /Course B (Odd Years)


Foundations of Personal Wellness
Lifetime Fitness


Spanish I: Course A /Course B
Spanish II: Course A /Course B
Spanish III: Course A /Course B
Introduction to Art
Advanced Art
Intro to Careers in Arts, A/V Tech & Communications
Digital Media Arts

Intro to Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security–Jr/Sr

Business Technology: Course A/Course B
Introduction to Coding      (Special Requirements!)
Introduction to Information Technology
Software Development

Algebra 2: Course A/Course B
Applied Math: Course A /Course B
PreCalculus Course A /Course B
Calculus A/B
Probability and Statistics
Financial Math
Options EHS Basic Math 1 (invite only)
Options EHS Basic Math 2 (invite only)

Introduction to Human Growth and Development
Health, Safety & Ethics in the Health Environment
Medical Terminology–Jr/Sr
Nursing Assistant–Jr/Sr: Course A /Course B /Course C
Pharmacy Technician–Jr/Sr Course A /Course B

Strategies for Academic Success
Future Success (9th graders)
SAT Prep: Mathematics–Jr/Sr
SAT Prep: Writing and Language–Jr/Sr
SAT Prep: Reading–Jr/Sr
Work Experience: Application  Agreements

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Frequently Asked Questions for 6-12 Grade Students

How many classes can students take in a semester?

Middle School students take five classes per semester. High School students will have the opportunity to take up to eight classes (0.5 credit per class, like the high school). This is one more class than full time at the high school. The curriculum is rigorous, and will more than adequately prepare students for the next level.

Why does Options have only four classes, when the high school has seven?

We offer a block schedule because 7 virtual classes every day is overwhelming for students. We would rather have them spend longer each day on fewer classes, and avoid the extra transitions. So we are offering 4 classes September-November and 3 or 4 classes November-January, in the first semester. The student will end up with 7 or 8 classes for the semester, just like the high school.

Do I need special software on my computer?

Everything Options does is internet-based. A student only needs the chrome browser and can access Google docs, sheets and slides through their student login. This year we are supplying chromebooks to Options students.

Can a student transfer back to the high school at any time?

It is definitely easier for students to transfer from EHS to Options at any time, as we can easily customize a course. For transfers from Options to EHS we recommend, because students are completing four classes at a time, that students wait until the semester to transfer to EHS, so they get the credit for all 7 or 8 classes. Otherwise there is literally nowhere for them to go in November–they have completed four classes and need to start three that already started at EHS in September.

How many hours a day does a student need to work to be successful?

It depends on the student. Most will need to plan on working three to four hours per day to be successful, Monday-Friday. Edgenuity tracks student progress and schedules new work each weekday morning (not for holidays or weekends). Students can reduce the daily load and work some on the weekend, if that works better.

Who are the class instructors, and how can they be contacted?

The subject-matter instructors and their contact emails are listed on the Staff Page of the Options website. Students who need assistance can contact instructors through email or through the Edgenuity interface, or they can contact Mr. Cooper directly by email or on the Options phone or through Edgenuity.

How does a student get tutoring or hands-on help?

Students can come in to Options for up to two hours a day to work or get help, or they can arrange a personal Google Meet session with Mr. Cooper or one of their teachers, for occasional help. Some Edgenuity courses also have a built-in virtual tutor button.

Do the 6-12 students have printables?

Some of the core courses have fillable Guided Notes. Students can use Kami to fill these in or we will print them on demand for students and make them available for pickup at the Options site, in back of the high school.

What if I want a different plan than virtual Edgenuity?

A variety of alternatives are available between Options and the district. For middle schoolers, we can offer some DeltaMath courses and IXL work, and in-person time in the Options facility, so students can receive some help. For high schoolers, we offer on-site DeltaMath and Edgenuity in the Options facility, and some electives at EHS if space is available. 9-12 Students can also choose to attend West Lane Charter after the first semester of the 9th grade year.

6-12 Distance Learning and Online Options
FRMS Options Library

Taking Attendance in Options

Secondary students are required to complete at least one activity in over half the classes each day, Monday-Friday. So that means from 2:00 pm Monday-2:00 pm Tuesday, and each subsequent day, a fully scheduled student will need to work in at least three classes in order to be counted present. Our attendance for Monday is based on the period from 2:00 pm Friday to 2:00 pm Monday, so the student would need to work at least once by Monday in three classes. Technically, they could do it Friday night, if they planned to be gone on Monday morning.

Edgenuity Parent Resources: Student Progress Emails and Family Portal

Virtual Learning Webinars for Families

888-866-4989, option 1
Available 7 days a week.
Email: customersupport@edgenuity.com

Study Helps and Tutoring Support
Some students have begun using the guided notes that are embedded in the units. These are very helpful on tests and quizzes. A student can print out the PDF, or use Kami to fill in the notes, or order them from the Options office–we will print them and you can pick them up. If using Kami, the student will need to download the notes, save them to their Google Drive, then open them in Google Drive and choose “Open with” at the top, and select Kami. They can then select the text box tool and write in the notes, without printing them out. Students can then use the notes on quizzes and tests. An instructional video link is here: Student Data and Guided Notes Training Video

CONCEPT COACHING (On Demand Tutoring):
Available by chatbot (Blue “Tutoring Help” button, bottom right corner)
Hours vary by student needs/seasonality.

On Demand Learning and the Concept Coach

For additional tutoring help in Math, look at
Math Games Algebra or Math Games Geometry.
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Edgenuity Student Experience Video

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