6-12 Distance Learning and Online Options

Taking Attendance in Options

Structured students are required to attend their daily zoom to be counted present for EACH PERIOD. Independent students must complete at least one activity in Edgenuity in EACH PERIOD each day, any time up to midnight, Tuesday-Friday. Attendance is taken the following workday.

6-12 Newsflashes

The third term 9-12 extends until April 16th, and no work is scheduled on weekends, President’s Day or during Spring Break. The middle school 6-8 term extends to June 15th (leaving a few days for cleanup at the end), with the same blackout holidays and weekends, incuding Memorial Day.

If the student is caught up, the overall grade and the actual grade are the same. If they are not the same, to calculate the actual grade, multiply the overall grade by the fraction (% complete/% target completion). So if a student had an overall grade of 90%, and was at 60% for their progress, and the targeted progress was 80%, the calculation would look like this: 90*(60/80). So their actual grade would be the result, 67.5%. This grade reflects that the student is behind in the class, even though they did very well on their assignments for the first 50% of the class.

Student Workschedule: Students should be working in Edgenuity Monday-Friday. We do not take roll for Monday, but we do expect students to work on this day as much as Tuesday-Friday. A student could choose to work some on the weekends as well, to reduce their daily load during the week. Students who are caught up should be working around four hours a day Monday-Friday. Students who are behind will need to work more, or add time on the weekends or non-scheduled days.

Edgenuity Parent Resources: Student Progress Emails and Family Portal

Secondary parent newsletter 10-12-20

Secondary parent newsletter 9-26-20

Virtual Learning Webinars for Families

888-866-4989, option 1
Available 7 days a week.
Email: customersupport@edgenuity.com

Study Helps and Tutoring Support
Some students have begun using the guided notes that are embedded in the units. These are very helpful on tests and quizzes. A student can print out the PDF, or use Kami to fill in the notes. If using Kami, the student will need to download the notes, save them to their Google Drive, then open them in Google Drive and choose “Open with” at the top, and select Kami. They can then select the text box tool and write in the notes, without printing them out. Students can then use the notes on quizzes and tests. An instructional video link is here: Student Data and Guided Notes Training Video

CONCEPT COACHING (On Demand Tutoring):
Available by chatbot (Blue “Tutoring Help” button, bottom right corner)
Hours vary by student needs/seasonality.

On Demand Learning and the Concept Coach

For additional tutoring help in Math, look at
Math Games Algebra or Math Games Geometry.
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Grades 9-12 Elective Courses
Introduction to Business: Course A /Course B
Business Law
Personal Finance–Jr/Sr

Introduction to Agriculture
Agribusiness Systems
Pre-Veterinarian Animal Systems

Environmental Science: Course A /Course B /Course C
Plant Science
Astronomy Earth and Space
Physics: Course A /Course B (Even Years)
Chemistry A/B (Odd Years)

Foundations of Personal Wellness
Lifetime Fitness

German I: Course A /Course B
German II: Course A /Course B
Spanish I: Course A /Course B
Spanish II: Course A /Course B
Spanish III: Course A /Course B
Introduction to Art
Advanced Art
Intro to Careers in Arts, A/V Tech & Communications

Intro to Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security–Jr/Sr

Business Technology: Course A/Course B
Introduction to Coding
Introduction to Information Technology
Software Development
Fundamentals of Digital Media

Algebra 2: Course A/Course B
Applied Math: Course A /Course B
PreCalculus Course A /Course B
Calculus A/B
Probability and Statistics Scope
Financial Math

Introduction to Human Growth and Development
Medical Terminology–Jr/Sr
Nursing Assistant–Jr/Sr: Course A /Course B /Course C
Pharmacy Technician–Jr/Sr Course A /Course B
Anatomy & Physiology: Course A /Course B /Course C

Strategies for Academic Success
Future Success (9th graders)
SAT Prep: Mathematics–Jr/Sr
SAT Prep: Reading & Grammar–Jr/Sr

Edgenuity Student Experience Video

Independent Learning Option

Students have access to all materials and instructors through technology. Students work with their learning coach (e.g. parent, grandparent, etc.) at home. Two-way communication with Options instructors are either by phone, email, or virtual meeting. A student may occasionally desire to make an appointment to come in physically, but this will not be a requirement.

Structured Learning Option

Students will have opportunity to engage with other students and the instructor in a virtual classroom, and will have regular virtual meetings with instructors, at least twice weekly, during which they will supplement online learning with Q&A and discussion, and limited synchronous instruction. Students may come in to work on computers or in small cohort groups with the instructors, or one-on-one by appointment. Students in the structured program will also have access to on-campus electives, such as AP/dual-credit classes, Art, Music, and Shop, subject to capacity limitations.

Phone: 541-952-7025