Brittany McMillan (“Ms. Brittany”)

(541)935-8200 ext. 2220


The Counselor at Elmira High School provides:

Students may visit the counseling center on a drop in basis or by appointment.

Ms. Brittany treats what you have to say confidentially. What is shared with Ms. Brittany stays with Ms. Brittany, except in a limited number of situations where Ms. Brittany is required by law to report, such as when the counselor believes that someone might be a source of harm to themselves or others, or where there is reason to believe that child abuse is occurring.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Academic guidance
  • 504 Coordination
  • Forecasting / Registration
  • Teacher-student-parent meetings
  • Individual counseling
  • Crisis management
  • Post-high-school planning
  • PSAT, SAT & AP Coordination


Family/Student Resources:

2017 Resources for Families (English)

2017 Resources for Families (Spanish)

OHP Application Assistance

Rental Housing Resources

Pregnancy Assistance Resources






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