The five sites are continuing Monday through Friday around the community.

11:00-12:30 at the EHS North Lot (119 lunches served today)

12-12:30 at the DS Mart (9 lunches)

12-12:30 at 5th and Woodland (8 lunches)

12-12:30 in Noti (7 lunches)

12-12:30 at the Fern Ridge CDC on Jeans Rd. (7 lunches)

Today at our 4 stops around the community, we served 31 lunches, up from 17 the day before.  In order to continue with these stops, we need to have community members/youth access them. Please help spread the word!

On another note, we would like to hear from you if a 5-6 PM meal pick up in the EHS back (North) lot would be helpful for some families that cannot access the meals mid-day due to work or other commitments.  It would be a cold lunch and breakfast in one larger bag for the next day.  If this is something a good number of folks tell us they would access, we will work on a plan to get started next week.  Please email Michelle Cook @ with this in the subject line “PM HS MEAL SITE”…and the number that you would pick up in the message (or leave a comment below).  Thanks so much!

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