This past Monday, was our first night of a 5-6 PM Meal Service in the EHS Backlot.  This service, where you can pick up meals for a week, will continue to operate on Mondays. Overall, our first service went well.  We served 57 students for a total of 285 meals.  We hope this option continues to grow and be accessed by many.  There are a couple of items worth mentioning that would help us tremendously in the weeks to come:

  1.  About 40% of the families that participated this week had not phoned or emailed ahead.  We placed a larger order, anticipating that might happen, but it was still too close for comfort!  You can send an email to, or call your resident school and ask them to pass along the information to Mr. Fullerton.
  2. We also had several families that emailed to participate and not show up.  Please reach out if your plans change, or would like to be taken off the list.
  3. A reminder that if you participate in the Monday evening meal distribution, then a family is not eligible to access meals at the schools, or any of the pick-up sites.  It is one or the other.

Finally, for a reminder about what these meals contain and other specifics, you can revisit this post:


2 Responses to Monday Evening Meal Service.

  • Do you need to enroll for monday pick up each week or is it once for the whole time?

    • Great question! You only need to sign up for the Monday meal pick up once. We will continue to make meals bags for your family every week unless you notify us that you no longer want to pick them up.

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