Good afternoon FRSD Families.  Here is the most up to date information I can share. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

  1.  Please keep in mind, as we continue to move forward, that for our district staff this would be much easier to navigate if we were a sole entity/organization, including financial support, supervisor jurisdiction, rules, regulations, etc… As it is, we have to take guidance from local, state and federal leaders.  While those folks are working around the clock, that guidance doesn’t come quickly, and when it does, it changes by the hour, sometimes from minute to minute.  Your patience is appreciated.
  2. The District will continue to provide food service through this Friday, March 20th.  Next week we WILL also be providing service Monday through Friday.  I am hopeful we will add to the current Veneta Elemetnary service, a couple locations throughout our District where students could come pick up meals at a school bus that will be parked.  Stay tuned for those possible pick-up sites that will be in ADDITION to the VES site that will continue.  Today we served 247 breakfasts and lunches for a total of 494 meals.  We are growing every day.  For anyone that utilizes this resource, PLEASE do not hesitate to continue to do so, and spread the word!
  3. Distance Learning.  The governors most recent order charges schools (among other things) to “deliver supplemental education and learning supports to students to the extent practical through independent study and other appropriate options. ”  What that looks like in Fern Ridge we will problem solve over the next week.  We will NOT have this up and running prior to Spring Break.  My hope is that we will have a plan in place and ready to roll out by Wednesday, April 1st.  Stay tuned.
  4. On Friday morning I am holding a meeting with representatives form all district leadership positions.  Facilities, Maintenance, Tech, Food Service, Transportation, Classified and Certified union leadership, board chair and administrators.  The next big piece of information will come out following that meeting.  I would look for it early next week, Monday the 23rd.

Thank you for  your continued patience and support as we navigate through these extremely unique and unprecedented set of circumstances.

Gary Carpenter, Superintendent FRSD

6 Responses to COVID-19: Update for families –18 March, 2020

  • I heard a rumour that school was closed for the remainder of the school year. Is this true as of what is currently known?

  • You are doing a good job

  • I genuinely appreciate you’re updates and the clear information about the situation at hand! I am so grateful to be a part of a great school district!

  • Is the school year going to be extended out passed the normal date? My son’s father’s gets him during summer and wants to know if he will be loosing his time due to school being extended.

    • The State of Oregon has not given direction to local school districts regarding this topic yet. As soon as a decision is made, we will make everyone aware.

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