Late last night school districts received notification from ODE, directing us to shift from delivering supplemental materials, to one of distance learning for all.  This is going to take some time for our team to unwrap all of the challenges around this and get a plan in place.

For now, our supplemental materials will stay up on the COVID-19 CLOSURE page.  In the coming days I would anticipate families will receive another phone call/survey so we can assess the technology resources our families have available to them, including devices, internet connectivity, and cell service.  Plans will be made for families that have none of these things, to ensure all students have an opportunity to continue their education.

We will continue to work through this ever evolving landscape.  We ask for your patience and flexibility during this transition.

Gary E. Carpenter, Jr. Superintendent, FRSD 28J


4 Responses to ODE pivots to “Distance Learning for all”

  • I have a great deal of concern with the proposed online learning. As you know, broadband internet access is very scarce and slow in the rural areas. I am a single mom, lucky enough to still have a job, working remotely. I already have to take care of a middle schooler and an elementary student while I am keeping up with the high demand of my remote job. At the house I live in, 4 people are contending for precious slow DSL connection, and with this proposal I will be adding two more people on the network, which will slow to a crawl. Are we also expected to provide a laptop for each child? I have already purchased a PC and a Chromebook out of my own pocket. Will this be browser based or app based, how much streaming is anticipated?
    In addition, I don’t have a separate bedroom for everyone so each of us can sit in front of their own screen without bothering the rest.
    What are the expectations of parents, and how do you envision us being responsible for our children’s education while we are juggling remote work and childcare? If there is a measurable outcome from my involvement as a parent, what does that look like? Are we getting paid to be teachers?
    We do not utilize the free lunch program, at least for that I am happy to take responsibility and not burden the system.
    Thank you.

    • All great questions, many of which were posed to ODE today during a conference call with all Superintendents in Oregon. I do not have answers for you at this time, hopefully we will by the week of April 13th. I understand that each family situation will be different, and we will try to have tiered approaches and meet families/students where and how they are able to be met-Gary

  • Is the school today?

    • Hello, if you are asking if schools are open today, yes, all schools have the front office staffed….at a minimum, from 10:00-2:00

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