SCHOOLS CLOSED: At a 1:00 PM news conference, the Governor of Oregon closed our “physical schools” for the remainder of the school year.  Schools are now fully charged to provide “Distance Learning” through the rest of the 2020 school  year.

PATHWAY TO GRADUATION FOR OUR SENIORS: The state just released this 25-page document, that outlines the pathway to a diploma for our senior students.  If you would like to review the document, I have attached it here (click here).  Over the next 24 hours, I will be working on a 1-page summary of this document, along with EHS staff.  I will post that summary tomorrow and will share our plan here in Fern Ridge, which is aligned with the requirements of this document.

9TH-11TH GRADE GUIDANCE:  ODE has not released this specific guidance yet.  As soon as they do, we will share this information.

DISTANCE LEARNING: This will begin next week, Monday the 13th.  Teachers and administrators are working hard to roll this out.  Having said that, now that we know we will be using this model through the end of the school  year, we will be starting slow.  It will look different at the various grade levels. We will get better at this with each passing day.  Our staff is committed to serving our families and students for the next eight weeks or so with this model.  We also understand that not only is this a challenge and heavy lift for our staff, but it is a heavy lift for our parents and families as well.  We will work alongside our students and families in the days and weeks to come to meet your needs.

Gary E. Carpenter, Jr. Superintendent, FRSD 28J



  • For those children who don’t have access to laptops, computers how will they do the on line learning

    • Districts are charged with providing “Distance Learning,” this does not necessarily mean on-line learning. Currently, our plan in Fern Ridge only includes an online component at the High School level. However, even at that level, everything can be supplied via paper and pencil for those that need it that way. Just contact the school. We just finished surveying our High School students regarding their need for devices, and they will begin being distributed next week. For anyone that has specific questions regarding their school, and their plan, please contact the front office or visit the COVID-19 Closure page from the District website for more information.

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Fern Ridge Schools are closed by order of Governor Kate Brown for the remainder of this school year.


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