FRSD Families:  While things are still uncertain for the Fall, as school districts continue to wait on ODE guidance, we are hopeful and prepared to do the necessary work between now and September to be able to return to school in as close to normal fashion as possible.  Having said that, a tremendous amount of planning needs to take place between now and then.  A clear understanding of the thoughts of our families will be helpful as we begin this work. We understand the start of a normal school year is still 3 months away, and many of you may be unsure of plans for your family.  Hearing from our families now will help us in beginning to plan within the constraints of our budget, staffing and the upcoming ODE guidance.  Within the next week a staff member will be reaching out to you to answer the following question. Please be prepared to share your thoughts when you receive that call. Below is the question, and the three choices of a response:

In thinking of school in the Fall, with what you know now, I believe:

A:  My student will absolutely be back in a FRSD regular “brick and mortar” school in September if school is open.

B.  I am unsure if my student will be returning, our family may be looking at other educational options.

C.  I am certain my student(s) will NOT be returning to “brick and mortar” school in September, even if schools are open.

Thanks for you participation,  you should hear from someone at the school by Friday, June 12th!

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Fern Ridge Schools are closed by order of Governor Kate Brown for the remainder of this school year.


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