If you are not directly involved with education on a daily basis, you will, as in any occupation, hear a host of acronyms substituting for lengthy explanations.  CCSS, ODE, and PBS are just a few of the coded acronyms on topics we use every day and most often fail to realize that someone else does not understand what is being said.   If you would like to see a list of acronyms, click HERE.  This document contains a list of the most common abbreviations utilized in the world of education.

2021-2022 School Calendar

Parent Resources on Social Media Awareness and Online Safety 

The website has provided links to free information for parents and guardians on their child’s social media use, screen time, internet lingo and more.  Visit their parent resource page by clicking on this link.

Parent Volunteer Opportunities
There are many opportunities for parents/grandparents/community patrons to volunteer in the Fern Ridge schools.  They include but are not limited to:  Site Council, Field Trips, PTA, Fundraising Events, Booster Club, and Classroom Support.  If you would like to volunteer, you will need to fill out the Criminal History Verification of Applicants/Volunteers Form.  The form needs to be submitted to the school where you would like to volunteer (only one form needs to be filled out if you have students in multiple schools.)  Upon approval, your name will be added to the Approved Volunteer Listing.  Volunteer approval is good through the current school year.  A new Criminal History Verification of Applicants/Volunteers form needs to be completed at the beginning of each new school year.

Criminal History Verification of Applicants/Volunteers Form

Verificacion del Historial Criminal de los Solicitantes

Family Resource Center
The Family Resource Center is tailored for ages and stages 0-5 yrs old.  FRC supports and holds activities for families including parenting education, play groups, parent/toddler literacy groups, information and referrals to community resources, computer access, after school activities and volunteer opportunities.  The Family Resource Room is located at Fern Ridge Middle School in Room 10.  For more information please call 541-942-7049 or email

School District Boundaries  Please click here to see if your residence is located in the Fern Ridge School District.

Parent/Guardian E-Mail Notification
Beginning December 2013, the Fern Ridge School District will utilize parent/guardian emails as another way of communicating with parents/guardians.  If you currently have an email addressed listed in our student information system, you will receive emails.  If you do not have an email listed and wish to receive future emails, call your child’s school and ask that your email address be added.

Home Access Center
If you have any questions or need assistance with Home Access Center please contact the District Office at 541-935-2253 ext. 1210

Parent InfoCenter

Our district is proactive in providing parents with information that benefits the health and safety of students and demonstrates our commitment to the wellbeing of all faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Click here to explore the information available to you through our online Parent InfoCenter.

Oregon Health Plan Insurance Information Flyer (available in English & Español)

FRSD Local Wellness Program

  • LINK to FRSD Wellness Policy
  • LINK to FRSD Wellness Policy Administrative Rule
  • How to get involved:  The best way for parents to get involved in the local wellness policy is to volunteer to participate in the the building Site Councils/ESSA Teams that will review this policy annually to provide feedback to the District.  Contact Building Principals for more information
  • Link to Triennial Progress report on Wellness Policy Compliance:  CLICK HERE
  • Link to FRSD Suicide Prevention Plan and Parent/Family Resources:  CLICK HERE

Fern Ridge 20-21 Student Handbook

With all of the uncertainty and ongoing changes that will occur throughout the school year, our 20-21 Student Handbook has not been updated from 19-20.  While 95% of the information will be accurate and consistent with last year, rather than constantly updating throughout the school  year, use the link above for general guidelines, and Major changes/updates will be listed below, and updated throughout the year, such as:

  1. Bus passes:  Bus passes will not be issued in 20-21 (last minute changes to a student’s normal bus).  This is to assist with our cohorting requirements.  We will work with parents to problem solve, when this becomes an issue.
  2. Closed Campus: If/when students return to campus at EHS, the campus will remain “CLOSED” for all students during lunch.
  3. Volunteers and visiting classrooms:  The opportunity for this will be limited tremendously in 20-21, as long as social distancing and COVID-19 protocols are in place.

How Does the FRSD Address Bullying?

Fern Ridge SD 28J 2017-18 Report Cards

Prior Years Fern Ridge SD 28J Report Cards

Print the form you need and turn it in to the appropriate school office
or district office.
  If you have any questions, please contact the District Office at
541-935-2253 ext. 1203

Application To Serve On A School District Committee
Criminal History Verification of Applicants/Volunteers
Public Information Request
Rental/Facilities Use Request
Student Enrollment Form
Forma de Inscripción para el Estudiante

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