Last year at the Elmira Elementary Auction, Nancy Coffman’s parents bid on and won the Principal of the Day prize.   On September 18, 2014, Nancy claimed her prize and this is what she had to say about it…


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Principal for the Day By Nancy Coffman

Yesterday I was Principal of the Day. It was so much fun! First I got my whistle and nametag. Then I helped as the attendance folders came in.

            Ms. Turle taught me how to use a walkie talkie. Michelle taught me how to answer the phone and where the hold button is. I even answered the phone for a mom!  I went into the first grade class and the Kindergarten room. Ms. Turle bought me lunch and during lunch the magician came and I introduced him to the school at the beginning of the assembly. I got to be on lunch duty and recess duty. I got to hand cupcakes out to the 1st graders during lunch. At the end of the day Ms. Turle gave me a present that was a certificate in a picture frame. It was the best day ever! I thank Ms. Turle so much!

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