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Elmira High School was notified today of a student testing positive for COVID-19.  The District Nurse has been working with Lane County in looking at this case. What has been found is that this case did not come in contact with another positive COVID-19 person at the high school during the school day.  This is not a school contact. 

Although the student was in class this week, the District Nurse has checked with the staff and all safety protocols were followed. Lane County has directed that if students maintain the 3 feet distance, wear a mask and wash their hands, a classroom or cohort does not need to quarantine.  The District Nurse and the High School will be notifying the parents who have students in the same classroom so those parents can monitor their student for any symptoms. 

If you have questions you may contact the District Nurse at

The schools have many protocols in place to help protect your student during the school day. However, the school cannot monitor students outside of school. Please help the school keep students in school by encouraging them to wear their mask and keep 3 feet apart even when they are out with their friends. 

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