Elmira High School has created a Pennant “Wall of Fame” in the school cafeteria.  The wall is designed to show current EHS students that anything is possible, and to give them a visual example of EHS graduates achievements.  For example, the University of Oregon pennant will be on the wall.  Under that pennant will be listed the names of all U of O graduates.  This will be done not only for colleges, but for those who have been honorably discharged from a branch of the military as well.  This is a fundraiser to assist in funding educational opportunities for our students.  Click on the link below to see the application if you are interested in participating.  The dollars raised from this activity go to support educational opportunities for current EHS students.  All those that participate will have a picture of their name on the wall emailed to them.   Please feel free to pass along this information when having class reunions, or to anyone that may be interested.

Wall of Fame Application

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