We will be trying out our new NFHS camera for today’s (3/11/2021) VOLLEYBALL games.  Below you will see the instructions to create an account and purchase a subscription just click on the links below:

For away games and future home games please visit the following website to subscribe to watch these games on the NFHS Network:

  2. You should be able to view the Elmira HS page. From there, click on “subscribe”.  You will have two choices for subscriptions to click on.  Follow the directions from there.
    1. Monthly Pass – $10.99/month
    2. Annual Pass – $69.99/year
  3. These cameras are in the main gym and on the football field. When they are up and functioning, they will stream:
    1. Main Gym – volleyball, basketball (if allowed) and wrestling (if allowed)
    2. Football/Soccer Field – football and soccer
  4. We do not have cameras available to stream softball, baseball, or track events for Season 3.
  5. Once our cameras are up and running, we will let parents know.
  6. All Sky-Em schools should have this service up and running soon if not already.

SPECIAL NOTE: Since this is our first time being able to run this camera/service in our gym, in case there is some sort of issue, we will switch to the YouTube links below:

JV Volleyball  vs. Marshfield:

Varsity Volleyball vs. Marshfield:

These games will be deleted 24 hours after their completion.

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