FRSD Phone System information (for staff)

Quick tips and guides for district phone system:

Directory:  The phone directory is available in paper format from your admin office.   We will be transitioning to an online directory, when complete, the link will be published here.   The directory will be available on the internal network only, to cut down on automated web crawling spam calls.  If there is enough interest in publishing direct extensions, that is a possibility we’ll consider.

Telephone User Guides

There are a few different models of telephones in use, but the differences in use or features is minimal.  The main difference is the number of programmable buttons and memory slots are available.  The basic functions are the same.  To determine which quick model you have, look at the top of the phone, above the lcd display(if it has one), and you’ll see the model number:  5304, 5320, 5530e, 5340e.

Below are the “Quick Reference Guides”.  These are single page references that describe the basic functions and features of the phone.


Internal (4 digit) Dialing

Any district phone can call another phone by direct 4 digit extension.  No need to dial 9 and call the school number first.
We did our best to make the extension numbers logical, so in general if you know the school and the classroom / space you should be able to derive it.
If you’re the kind of person who works like this, the following key might make things easier for you.

FIRST Digit: The first digit indicates school

1XXX – District Office (or centralized dept. – such as SPED)
Then the schools – from North to South
2XXX-  Elmira High
3XXX-  Elmira Elementary
4XXX- Fern Ridge Middle
5XXX- Veneta Elementary

SECOND Digit:  Indicates the “type of room/location”

X1XX-  Indicates a Classroom.   example:  x2101 indicates Elmira High School, Classroom 1
X2XX-  Indicates Administrative or “office” function-  examples:  EES main office x3200,  EES Principal x3201 …
X3XX-  Indicates shared instructional space, but mostly just the Media Center.


Programmable Buttons and Display layout