Parents, Students and Community,

Due to the current emergency situation in Lane County, and its effect on our  community, staff and students, I regretfully must share that we are delaying the start of school by one week.  Instead of beginning September 15th, we will begin on Tuesday, September 22nd with all students K-12 and in the FRSD OPTIONS program.  As before K-3 will be in a hybrid A/B model, and 4th – 12th will be in Comprehensive Distance Learning.

While I am certainly disappointed with the turn of events that necessitate this shift, I am confident it is the best choice given our current circumstances.  While our staff have been working overtime to get ready for students, we now have too many uncertainties in order to roll out in 7 days.  Some of the circumstances that led to this decision include

  • The periodic loss of power and potential loss of power makes our chromebook checkout, a CRITICAL component that needs to occur prior to students returning, too risky to begin. Chromebook checkout will be moved to next week.  A schedule will be posted prior to Saturday, September 12th.
  • We may need to open some of our facilities in our community to support folks that need clean air to breath, a shower, or to simply charge a phone or have a meal.
  • We have staff that live in areas that have had to evacuate, as well as many staff supporting close family members in need.
  • The adjustment of our school air systems to utilize more outside air (to assist with COVID), has exacerbated the issue of smoke in some of our classrooms and buildings.
  • A need to support some other Lane County Districts and communities that are in desperate need currently.

I thank you in advance for your continued resilience in the face of seemingly unending challenges.

Gary Carpenter, Superintendent, FRSD 28J

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