FRSD Parents and Students,

The district is looking for ways to provide additional support to our families.  To this end, we have begun a new section on the top of the “2020 school year” tab from the District’s main page.  The direct link is here:

You will notice the first item at the top of that page is titled “Training for parents and students on different topics.”  The first training we have included, is a Zoom training from the parent/student perspective (Thank you Mr. Lee).  We will add more trainings, a Q and A, and other supportive materials as time allows, and as we hear from families around the specific areas they need support.  To help in that regard, please take the very short 4 question survey to help of focus our trainings on what is needed most.  The survey can be taken at:  (click here)


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Michelle Marshall (Principal EES)





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